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for Her Love is Not Enough

8/25 c3 Emma
Another great chapter! yes, the Malfoy family love for one another is strong!
8/25 c2 Emma
Loved the way you wrote Narcissa Lucius here. why this site has an obsession with writing them as having an unhappy, abusive relationship when it's more likely (as you've written it) that they really loved one another
8/25 c1 Emma
Hey, really good so far. I really like the Malfoys and wish we got to find out more about them and how they recovered from the war. So great start ! can't wait to read more
8/20 c1 rmpff
Will everyone know everything she did to protect her family?
8/20 c6 rmpff
Great writing, I would love to read what happens next and how she overcomes everything that happened.
We have had hints to her experience in the manor while Voldemort was there, but what exactly happened?
6/10 c5 4witherwings1972
I am really interested to see where this goes. Great job.
6/2 c4 Guest
I liked it. Insightful and well-written.
In canon, Draco survived. Probably a JKR reward for Narcissa lying and fighting for her son not becoming a child soldier.
No cause is worth sending your child to war. The other families were punished. Fred died, Tonks, students stuck in that terrible 'school',... Was it worth it?
But if Draco died... Narcissa has a long way to go to get better. At least, she shouldn't feel ashamed like the other adults for letting teenagers being killed. She tried to stop it.
5/20 c2 rmpff
Interesting first chapters, can’t wait to read how it develops

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