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7/3 c9 Haunted Reader
What a nice enjoyable story! Thank you for writing it!
5/24 c9 Ziggy
This was an adorable, heartwarming ending to a great story (though it's bittersweet that it's over)! I loved all of it and can't wait to read the vignettes you mentioned :)
5/24 c9 Set Andromeda
Its a bummer that this is ending but I really enjoyed it
This was a great fic and I can't wait to read more of your work
5/22 c7 Ziggy
Ooo it's getting spicy! Still loving it ;) Thank you for this great fic and for updating it so regularly!
5/22 c7 Set Andromeda
As always I'm absolutely loving this
The chapters are all a good length and well written
Can't wait for more
5/20 c5 Ziggy
Wow, I hit refresh and there was a new chapter already! What a lovely surprise- and this chapter was phenomenal too! I loved the tension between Usopp and Sanji, and everything that transpired between Usopp and Nami. Keep em coming! This story is so great :)
5/20 c4 Ziggy
I love this story SO MUCH! I'm so happy I stumbled upon it! It's very well written, and you are absolutely nailing the characters and the overall "vibe" of One Piece. I agree with your comment that this is a difficult thing to master, and there are way too many stories out there that don't get it right. Your story, however, is not one of them! It's a rare treat. Usopp is my favorite OP character, and I think the idea of him being with Nami is adorable. They have a strong relationship and many things in common canonically. Plus, as such an underdog, there's something funny and satisfying about Usopp getting two girls (counting Kaya) and winning over Sanji's incessant flirting. I can't wait to see where this story goes, and I'm really looking forward to your next update!
5/19 c4 Redroof
Great chapter, im loving this fic so far! Youve really nailed everyone's characters stuff like usopp's stubborn pride, nami constantly getting annoyed by everything and the 2 of them bickering are character traits that most writers forget but you didn't and its a joy to read.

I love the sweet flashback at the beginning and their fight vs absalom, fights with these 2 we're theyre badly outmatched and have to scrape by with luck and tricks are my favourite. Also the push door line got a good laugh out of me lol, i was positive it was just locked
5/19 c4 Set Andromeda
Great chapter
I love that you're giving usopp more to do while still staying true to his character
I hope for an update soon
5/19 c1 MLowri
Well this is interesting. Im more onto Ussop-Nami Nakamaship/Brother-Sistership rather than an actual pairing buuuuuut, there was a scene in Thriller Bark where Ussop protects Nami holding her thight and that melt my heart, the guy is such a sweet! And the fact this fic take place in that arc is quite a coincidence. And the feathered hat is a plus
Honestly the only girl i want for the boy is Kaya. Please dont take it as a bad critique of your work, is just my point of view, because so far the fic is well written, no grammar mistakes and the characters are pretty well canon (this is a self imposed rule, if the character is to much OOC then i drop the fic)
And there arent many good Nami/Ussop fics so i hope i can be surprised with this fic
5/17 c2 Set Andromeda
You first posted this earlier today and you already have an update?
I absolutely love it
Enjoyed the chapter
Hope for more soon
5/16 c1 Redroof
Ahhhhhhh! A new usonami story and one thats 4k words long! Thank you for making this!
5/16 c1 HolyBean
Very cool enjoy a bean
5/16 c1 Set Andromeda
Seems interesting
And this is honestly one if my favourite pairing in one piece
Was a decent length and I saw no real problem with your writing or grammar
Thought it was good and I hope for an update soon

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