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for The Japanese Restaurant

6/11 c1 18friendoftheJabberwock
Love this! Della and Perry are very cute together (and Japanese food is very good!).
5/17 c1 Guest
loved the story.
5/17 c1 Guest
Sweet. Thanks for sharing.
5/18 c1 710iloveromance
Great story! Reminds me of when my 4th (or 5th or 6th, I can't remember but I know it was elementary school) had a huge lesson on Japan that included all of our subjects. At the end, we all went to this Japanese restaurant for lunch. I absolutely hated it and barely ate anything. I'm not one for exotic foods, except for Italian! Anyway, I love that this story reminded me of that!
5/17 c1 Sir Scott
Nice story. It looks like Perry and Della have a vacation in their future.
~Sir Scott
5/16 c1 A Carwile
Good food, good company, good times.
Very nice,
5/16 c1 Tamarral
Loved it
5/16 c1 52shari
Very sweet and openly a couple

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