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for A beginning

5/21 c1 24Laineyvb131
Can I send you all kinds of random prompts now?
5/19 c1 18Brendalwood
She would call him
mr Adams. That’s so her.
5/19 c1 2FSULinz
Aawww! Sweet! Love it!
5/17 c1 Guest
Love it, so sweet!
5/18 c1 24nonadhesiveness
This was sweet! I really like the line: ‘He could barely breathe for loving her.’ It’s so simple yet so evocative. And I like the idea of Henry going for a somewhat chaste kiss and being heckled into kissing her properly.
5/18 c1 Missymoo3266
This is great! I can totally see Henry crying at their wedding. Please write more!
5/17 c1 922queens1prince
So happy you posted this. Now, I will be expecting novel length works of all of the prompt you've ever sent me!

Love it!
5/16 c1 Kimber1983
Good writing

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