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for Deku Ex Machina

12/2/2022 c167 ELV
This is amazing XDD.
That sounds exactly like something Katsuki would do haha. "FREEDOOOM!"
12/2/2022 c167 4Fanifc writer 117
Ya know, I was pretty sure there was a plot going on in the earlier chapters, but it seems we got random adventures going on with class 1-A. Keep it coming!
12/2/2022 c167 Harleking31
Do you know what killed the dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE
12/2/2022 c167 3LongNightDragon
Fimbulwinter Protocal? Oof, that doesn't sound good.
12/2/2022 c167 1TheGreatBubbaJ
He knows puns. All is lost.
12/2/2022 c167 17AeroJester203
How appropriate for the winter season. And Iida participating instead of scolding them for horseplay is sweet. :3
Also, Izuku eating snow to fire afterwards just reminds me of that episode where Spongebob scoops snow into a funnel and fires them out of his pores. Including that the relief is only for a moment as he breathes/cocks himself for another barrage. XD
12/2/2022 c167 9Dragon King of the West
That escalated quickly.
12/2/2022 c166 Dragon King of the West
Don't mess with the donuts!
12/1/2022 c166 PasiveNox
Lol great chapter
12/1/2022 c166 17AeroJester203
"I see you found the crumb. I *knew* you wouldn't notice the enormous flag."
Your Darkwing Duck quote brought to you by TV Tropes, courtesy of the GPS Evidence page. :P
12/1/2022 c166 37tiguylerobot
and you have Murthaugh in the back : ''I'm too old for this shit''
11/30/2022 c166 1TheGreatBubbaJ
He can still have heart attack as they hand him the gold retirement watch or something. Or his quirk makes him deathly allergic to gold/fake gold or whatever.
11/28/2022 c165 2MrMateusz
I was wondering where all my updates went!
Good chap
11/23/2022 c165 3LongNightDragon
Did the Loch Ness Monster asked for Tree Fiddy?
11/23/2022 c165 9Dragon King of the West
Fishing requires a lot patience
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