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2/1 c184 29Luckenhaft
A man chooses...
2/1 c184 God of crossovers
With how David ended up weaponizing the drill and making an AI that asks whoever wears the suit to steal people’s blood I’m pretty sure we now know why inko refused to give him any of her tech
2/1 c184 1TheGreatBubbaJ
At least his blood will be sweet for her.
2/1 c184 3dragun95
I assure you that many people even without playing the game get the references. P.S: where can I get my own little sis- ahem- robotic assistant?
2/1 c184 3LongNightDragon
The Little Sisters are so adorable in their own ghoulish way.
2/1 c184 PasiveNox
Great chapter lol
2/1 c184 9Dragon King of the West
We need more Bioshock
2/1 c184 2Mark the Mark
AngellllI love bioshock
1/30 c183 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Infinite was fun, my favorite combo was busting in with Bucking Bronco then shotgunning all the floating targets.
1/30 c182 TheGreatBubbaJ
Wonder if the lad will end up using that tech again.
1/30 c181 TheGreatBubbaJ
He is likely just enjoying screwing with everyone and banking on (or dreading) Inko getting involved.
1/30 c180 TheGreatBubbaJ
Did you use their seat numbers I wonder.
1/30 c179 TheGreatBubbaJ
Oh no, plot, this story's one weakness!
1/30 c178 TheGreatBubbaJ
Cheeky bugger.
1/30 c177 TheGreatBubbaJ
My favorite time in Dark Souls is the very beginning where me and my master key run around naked stealing everything and fighting nothing until I finally waddle into undead burg in full stone set, wolf ring, weed shield,and 4 ass.
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