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for Deku Ex Machina

2/15 c188 10Dragon King of the West
Poor Hound Dog
2/15 c188 6Xyrothor
Why did that 'forty-threeat the end crack me up so much? even more than the actual chapter :D
2/15 c188 PasiveNox
great chapter lol
2/15 c188 Harleking31
Me: reads the title
Oh I know where this is going

EXACTLY AS I- she's still a Xenomorph? Lmao
2/14 c188 3dragun95
Damn I had totally forgotten about Alien Grandma.
2/14 c188 17AeroJester203
So Inko may or may not be up to something since it's doubtful that Nezu would be able to keep Izuku's disappearance hidden from her for long. If she didn't know from the beginning, that is.
2/14 c188 God of crossovers
“ Aizawa poured a silvery packet of coffee grounds directly in his mouth”

I feel like aizawa doing this would be equivalent to any other person snorting a line of crack
2/11 c187 Harleking31
You haven't
... I think
2/10 c187 5AinzNamikazeD
You haven't, I think.. I'm, actually not sure either, huh
2/10 c187 3dragun95
As soon as I saw the beginning of the sketch of the doors I stopped reading and put on the music from scooby doo, it was short but I spent it like a kid imagining the scene. buhahahahahaah
2/10 c187 6Xyrothor
well... this one's a classic. your never can go wrong with a classic as one well known scythe wielding red riding hood once said.
2/10 c187 PasiveNox
nice chapter
2/10 c187 10Dragon King of the West
Hallways are more mysterious than the backrooms.
2/8 c186 2MrMateusz
Prasie the Lamb!
2/8 c186 Harleking31
Bioshock AND Cult of The Lamb?

Daring today, aren't we?
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