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1/20 c181 10Dragon King of the West
Wolfram completely misread the League lol and Nezu is being the puppet master he is.
1/20 c181 Harleking31
They're decoy- man the rat works fast
1/19 c181 God of crossovers
It would be hilarious if izuku just ended up eating I island
1/19 c181 17AeroJester203
I think the answer to your question at the end is “Yes.” That brilliant animal of indeterminate species just wants there to be more chaos in the ensuing incident. Either Izuku or Inko alone could sink the entire thing—possibly up to and including I-Island itself.

Heck, both of them might get involved if Inko catches wind of her son missing and hacks the sound systems, cameras and monitors to let David know just what she thinks. While Izuku receives his new directive to go home, like with the LoV, I doubt anyone could stop him. Even a quirk-enhanced Wolfram would probably be quickly neutralized. Pulling Izuku towards him doesn’t account for the myriad weapons the robot boy has in his person.

If she’s feeling generous, Inko might even out Sam as a traitor along with airing David’s dirty laundry to the scientific community. Considering it was his idea in the first place, even if Sam is the one going to jail, Shield would be in big trouble to say the least.
1/19 c181 2Mark the Mark
I wonder!
1/19 c181 Helios61
Izuku used bite, Its super effective

I- Island is now sinking
1/18 c180 17AeroJester203
It honestly doesn’t surprise me that Bakugou is determined enough to still move about with his arms and legs in blocks of ice. Probably tore off that wristwatch with his teeth.
1/18 c180 Harleking31
Cute operation
1/17 c180 10Dragon King of the West
That was a very Nezu thing to do
1/13 c179 Guest
Wait are we getting some actual PLOT!?
1/13 c179 30Luckenhaft
No. Keep going with this. I like it.

I a
1/13 c179 PasiveNox
Damn anyway great chapter wonderful
1/13 c179 3dragun95
I'm officially scared, there's more plot after plot, we're doomed
1/13 c179 2MrMateusz
Yess give us the drama
1/12 c179 Harleking31
It is funny

Hilarious even

There's no way Izuku doesn't come with a self destruct button, no evil scientist would leave out one of those
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