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for Pulley System: Ron's end of the rope

8/20 c21 TheaMama
Despair, that's what I read and what I feel for Ron and Hermione. She could have talked to him but then that wouldn't be Ron and Hermione would it?! UGH, I've read this chapter three times, and each time I just sigh...more turmoil to come but I know there is love there, can't wait!
8/19 c21 Shenanigan89
This was

so much harder to read from Ron’s POV, and thats saying something! Loke the reviewer below, i had to re-read the last 2 chapters of the original again to remind myself there are happy times to come!

Random, totally not important detail that i’ve wondered aboutHermione started college at 16, and if I did the math right she didn’t graduate until she was 24. Did she go to law school? I can’t imagine her taking that long to finish a BA! The things my ADHD brain chooses to hyper-focus on…
8/19 c21 Guest
Thank you for updating this beautiful story.
8/18 c21 Stacey Jones2
Heartbreaking. I’ve had to go back and read the end of the original one just to cheer myself up. Love your writing so much.
8/10 c20 Shenanigan89
You are killing me with updating RW:PD but not this! Though really, I will take any of your writing I can get
7/24 c20 TheaMama
I thought this was well done but as much as I am looking forward to the next chapter, I think it will a tough one. I'm anxious but eager. Thank you so much for this story and the first one as well, they are absolutely fantastic!
7/21 c20 Guest
Anyone else feeling sad that they’ve never been loved the way Ron and Hermione in this universe love each other?
7/17 c20 Shenanigan89
Unprotected sex aside, this chapter is brilliant! Too bad it is tainted by knowing what happens next. I hope life calms its tits for you, both for your personal sake and for satiating my selfish need for updates!
7/16 c1 21Freelook
This is really sweet.
6/23 c19 TheaMama
So incredibly good! I love the details, you have put so much into this story (both versions) I'm in awe of the gift you're sharing with us readers. Thank you so much and I can NOT wait for the next chapter. Incredible. Thanks again!
6/14 c19 Guest
Thank you for updating! The next chapter is the big one so please don't keep your fans waiting!
6/9 c19 Isabella Mello
God bless that you've updated this story! I've just loved this chapter can't wait to read the next one
6/8 c1 Guest
Thank you for the update!
6/7 c1 Shenanigan89
So excited to see this updated!
6/1 c1 Shenanigan89
Please don’t abandon this! The original PS is one of my fav fanfics ever and I am dying to read the rest from Ron’s POV. There’s so much left to be explored and I want it all!
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