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6/19 c1 Nikys
That was incredibly nice and wholesome)
5/21 c1 47Author0fntent
Bravo, bravo. This was a great story.

Now I'm imagining an omake where Shinji somehow gets around Higashi's cheating and takes him down in a Judo-fied send-up of Raging Bull.

"You never got me down, Higashi. You never got me down..."
5/21 c1 JenkoRun
I legitimately thought it was impossible for you to write something this good in a lighter setting after reading scar tissue, very impressed, didn't feel OOC either.

I particularly like fics that are able to realistically bring light back when in dark settings, and this one does that very well indeed.
5/20 c1 7Romulo Nidoking BR
As a deathbringer374 fan, an Asushin enthusiast and also as as former judoka - one that has fought in some tourneys as a teenager with my series victories and loses, and also facing some adversaries who played dirty - I'm delighted with this story. Not only it's a great Asushin tale in a suprising K rated work by deathbringer, but it's also reflects really well some of the struggles about preparing and competing in a judo tournament and especially the fear of disappointing the people that trained and cheered for us. Thank you again for one more great story that made my day. Take care.
5/18 c1 1RLLRRR
Fantastic. A real slice of life in a world I'm unfamiliar with (I wouldn't know a Judo from a Jedi), but you explained it well enough to keep me engaged and believing in Shinji!

It's almost heartbreaking how much more these two could have been had they been able to reach out to one another, and I love seeing writers find new ways for them to connect. Between this and Scar Tissue, it really seems like AsuShin can be found in beatdowns!

I look forward to your next one!
5/18 c1 6YourBlandestNightmare
This was amazing, I loved it! Hikari's talk with Asuka in the first act was great, and I really liked the moments of them playing videogames. Actually, scratch that; I enjoyed all of their moments together.

One of the most heartwarming stories I've read recently, and the fact it takes place at arguably one of the darkest moments of Eva only makes it more special. The ending was perfect.

Thank you so much for writing this masterpiece. As you say...

5/18 c1 SuperSandwichGoku
Great job man, took a unique concept and made something great out of it. I was able to follow along despite having no background knowledge of Judo, so I thought you did well with that. Loved the build-up between Asuka and Shinji, which made the hug at the end feel earned and really sweet. Really well done!
5/18 c1 skyf0x
I'm not an actual fan of WAFF one-shots, but I'm the real fan of deathbringer. And it's all what I need to love this story. I bet the whole story is another PenPen's tricky plan to make me be grateful to the author even more.
I'm honoured to be in mofockers list! Now go and get us some relapses! *patiently watching you*
5/17 c1 3Greg242
*Happy dancin' ensues*

Oh yeah, that was awesome to read DB, I've got nothing else to say 10/10
5/17 c1 1ShotgunCaesar
Great fic man, i wish this actually happened in the show
5/17 c1 ghip
5/17 c1 spartanman2
Amazing well written! I'll be looking forward to any future Eva fics you write.

Thanks for the fluffy wholesome story it made my day.
5/17 c1 EvaPilotFair
Man screw that Higashi! Nonetheless great one shot and maybe if they included CQC or some form of fight conditioning in Eva...Shinji and Asuka could have bonded over that. Great one shot and can't wait for what's in store!
5/17 c1 2Su Exodus
DB, bro, you have brought some life back into the ghost formally know as sexodus. What a fantastic read. Loved Asuka's reaction to Shinji asking to be his trainer. Shinji's successes and failure at the tournament was a joy to read, followed by Asuka's beatdown of that other dude made me smile. And that hug at the end, truly beautiful. A magnificent oneshot, you sir are an amazing writer. A little disappointed, just a little, its not 150k words but this is well worth the wait. Praise be Pen Pen of the ancestral race for allowing this all to happen.
5/17 c1 5MisterHalt
For someone who is well known for their dark stories, you do pure fluff amazingly well!
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