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5/18 c1 I agree
To he first reviewer Naruto no longer has the truth seeking orbs nor would he use them like u discribed. They are no where near the hakai you clearly never seen god toppo his versatility with hakai is far more then six truth seeking orbs. Also they wouldn't work unless Goku off guard even then an off guard Goku took a hakai that was meant to destroy Frieza post rod the Tso wouldn't even unnerve him. Stop wanking the tso like they are the ultimate erasure ability in fiction when they are finite in their scope. The qunicy from bleach erases souls n existence with thier arrows but u don't see mofos claiming uryuu solos DBZ(ywach is iffy).Stop wanking Naruto danger sense like he never been caught off guard he was in the same situation Goku was in when krillen threw that rock n hinawari ko him in the gut.
Goku was able to predict hit a mofo who skips intervals in time to instantly attack his opponent. Goku block n counter him in base. Goku also has better sense then not only Naruto but most of their verse. He nose is better then the inuzuka clan, his eyes sight while not as good as the hyuuga you'd be hard press to find somebody who can see as far as Goku. He like Naruto can also since intentions n can dictacte his action going foward
5/19 c1 3thepowerfullkira
Max The Demon Wolf truth seeking orbs is nowhere near as powerful as hakai. can it erase a person from excistance even the after life? no? nuff said. the rasenshuriken only cuts at a cellular level. thats isn't very good if attacks from dbz are on a atomic level. cellular level isn't even that impressive tbh even real life obsidian blades are able to do that.
5/19 c1 thepowerfullkira
xSean yeah i was having a nerd rage moment id probably go over it and write it better later. probably not who knows?
5/19 c1 Uncle Dork
My favorite part about this is that you tagged it hurt/ comfort and it works unironically
5/18 c1 2Shokugeki
I don't even care about Naruto vs Goku or Naruto vs anyone. But why the fuck is this posted on this website? If you really want to debate, go on Instagram or Discord and find people who think Naruto can beat Goku there. (I like Naruto more as a character, but even I know Goku would kick his ass.)

Genuinely curious if you had an actual reason the post this here, or if it was just made to slander an author who thinks Naruto is powerful in some way. Some people take defending their favorite characters strength way too extreme, your an example.

Rant over, idrc if this is posted here, but for whatever reason it annoys the shit outta me. I'm trying to read recently posted/updated stories and then I see this shit, which doesn't need to exist.
5/18 c1 xSean
I agree with what your saying, Goku beats Naruto. Your so misinformed it's funny though. A lot of relevant information missing and a lot of reaches. Goku deflecting the death ball doesn't mean his physical strength is enough to shatter planets. Not during Namek anyways.

Would be entertaining if you took your time and wrote this properly with everything thoroughly explained. My 10 year old Nephew can write better than this.
5/18 c1 Leo-Blade King
Max... that made no since at all! no Naruto character can take on characters from DB Universe! Krillin is literally the strongest human in their universe and he'd take them all out with no effort. don't know where you get that information from. The samurai from their universe would take them out but they went extinct and not because of the chakra users.
5/18 c1 1Max The Demon Wolf
Naruto has sage of six path mode giving Naruto truth seeking orbs which are haki on steroid only defence is dogging or having sage energy they destroy things absolutely and the reason the resgan shurikan is Brough up it negates healing and bi passes ki defence like krillians destruction disk so not the same a ki blast has to over come ki defence to do damage and sage mode gives base Naruto huge leaps in physical lift and punching power vs super Saiyan sage mod auto defence so a rock hits you on aware no pain vs super saiyan goku

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