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5/29 c1 Sapphireweapon12
*Path to defeating Zion revised, recalculating... New path complete. Path initiated: Step 1: Purchase 12 pounds of cookies from location on Earth Epsilon. Step 2: Bring said cookies to extradimensional entity designation Ophis (file on Ophis located in path addendum 1) at point Brockton Bay in exactly 247 seconds. Step 3: Offer all cookies to Ophis. Step 4: As she finishes most of her cookies mention that due to Zion said cookies will become nonexistent on all Earths. Further mention that said destruction will cause extreme noise in the space between dimensions. Step 5: Inform Ophis of his avatar's location, stressing his main body is in another dimension, as soon as she stops shaking you around. Step 6a: Door to Panacea to correct broken arm and leg. Step 6b: Watch the beatdown with popcorn. Maniacal laughter recommended but not required. Path complete.*
Contessa: (while rushing to buy cookies) ...What.
5/19 c1 Notoki
wuhehehehehe, I can hear the chaos, all the chaos!
5/18 c1 123ABIR123
This is good, Pls update more.
5/18 c1 4Scorpion.Sorcerer7
Thanks for the laugh :)

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