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for Stress Fracture

7/29/2021 c9 83forcverandalways
oh my gosh, I really love this x
5/20/2021 c9 JoBlaz
Ahh, such memories. Very nicely done.
5/19/2021 c9 3alix33
I would give my eye teeth for President Jed Bartlet to conduct my wedding ceremony.
5/19/2021 c7 alix33
EW! at the thought of that decaf alleged coffee CJ got to drink because she's still breastfeeding Imogen.
In 2017 I was diagnosed as having an underactive thyroid. I have to take synthetic thyroid hormones for the rest of my life since that diagnosis. My GP told me that caffeine within an hour of talking the synthetic thyroid hormones each day could affect how well my body deals with the synthetic thyroid hormone. So I thought I would start drinking decaf coffee closer to the times that I take those meds. Thus I bought a container of the decaf version of my normal brand of coffee. Nobody ever warned me that decaf coffee tastes worse than Satan's urine, though. I finished that container of decaf coffee only because I didn't want to have wasted the money. Nowadays I take the thyroid meds ASAP after waking up. Then I wait an hour and I have coffee with caffeine in.
5/19/2021 c6 alix33
The mental pic I got of Josh telling Imogen stories about her mom was totally sweet. The pic of the two of them sleeping that just popped up on Donna's phone is probably even sweeter.
5/19/2021 c5 alix33
"collarbone" should be one word. I am going to have to double-check regarding "speech writing" or "speechwiting".
You meant for Danny to say "between the two of you got eroded."
5/19/2021 c4 alix33
AW! at the mental pic I got of Danny telling a rapt Imogen a story in the pic on CJ's phone. My parents read to me before bedtime since I was a baby and by the time our mom went back to work and my sister and I had to start going to daycare/preschool the prospect of storytime was used to lure me inside the building because as my mom said "Marianne's always been a sucker for a story."
5/19/2021 c3 alix33
EW! at even just the idea of a food fight in a world where people are still dying of hunger.
5/19/2021 c2 alix33
My sister breastfed both of my nieces. When the eldest niece was still a baby my sister started selling all of the breastfeeding paraphernalia in the universe. She even has a stall at the annual Baby Expo in Johannesburg. So my sister would probably know what those easy access blouses CJ wore regularly look like and even sell the South African versions of them.
Way to go, Orlagh Concannon, at recognising the work of Hemingway. I tried to read Hemingway's books in high school, didn't understand a single syllable of it and when I complained to my dad he said "it's because you're a girl".
5/19/2021 c1 alix33
I am going to have to Google "Tomato Tartare".

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