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for The Quintessence of a Queen

1h c16 iitrnr
Brilliant story. Have had so much fun reading it. Thanks.
6h c16 Kalstorm99
very interesting.
6h c15 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
9/15 c16 Abu
Ho. No Red Wedding? As this is both Worm and Westeros I must now wonder what terrible things must now happen to even-out the scales.
9/14 c10 oneironaught101
A shadowbinder, an alien and a knight enter a bar.
9/14 c7 oneironaught101
Asteroid strike. Hmmmm I wonder if that will be relevant in the story. Loved the way the azor ahai prophesy is linked to her arrival. I'm really curious about how this will play out. She will be expected to marry someone for alliance. Very curious about Westeros side of things.
9/14 c6 oneironaught101
Very exciting chase scene and a very fun chapter overall. Great work.
9/14 c5 oneironaught101
Agreed with your decision to change things. No point in following the same storyline with an extra character there. Keep updating.
9/14 c16 yochan123
This is really cool! I don’t even know worm haha
9/14 c2 oneironaught101
Nice story. Descriptions of modern/futuristic things by people who do not understand them is always fun to read.
9/13 c16 3jdboss1
Very inteerestiing to see the politics of the rest of the kingdom's
9/13 c16 Guest
very good chapter!
9/12 c16 psp reader
politics... yeah
9/12 c16 2CMVreud
Nice 'behind the scenes' and with that warning...
I hope the Freys drown in their own blood and the Boltons wear their own skin.
9/12 c16 1FaeBreeze
Oh the power moves! This is so exciting. I want to see what Taylor thinks of Varys. Thanks for sharing!
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