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for The Quintessence of a Queen

3/21 c23 Panda.k1ng
What the fuck? That was so out of left field. Isn’t this the same guy she said was willing to rape and brutalize her? How tf did they get to having sex?
2/22 c39 dipain
We all know where Taylor goes next, right? Crash a certain beheading on a dragon perhaps. Master the light side of the VOICE from the throat of the world perhaps. Use a certain scroll to traverse time and space to get back home perhaps. We all know where this is going, right? And it'll be just as awesome as the two stories before
1/5 c33 Mastersgtjames
surprised she has not already been mining Dragonglass.
1/5 c10 Mastersgtjames
Feels like the "Magic" users of this world are waay too competent and powerful. When compared to the Books or the Show.
1/5 c8 Mastersgtjames
My mind keeps snapping back to the MC's stolen gear. Her stuff being so tough and high quality... Just upset she did not get it back, or that Barristan did not spot them trying to steal it and stop them.
1/5 c2 Mastersgtjames
Always upset when the MC's get robbed and do not notice...
12/22/2022 c39 1keyoke88
This was a fun read. You keep using the word methinks. Nobody actually says that, unless they're a fedora wearing, bum glove sporting, edgelord. Having Ser Barristan use that turn of phrase chucked my suspension of disbelief so hard out the window I almost put the story down.

It's a small thing, and an easy fix. And I seriously doubt that anything of value is lost by changing it, so stop doing it.
12/6/2022 c37 1dreaddragonknight
Why didn’t Taylor try using the force to make fire/explosions? Or even just force lightning?
12/4/2022 c17 dreaddragonknight
Ah poor Sandor such an ass but still a good dude
12/4/2022 c16 dreaddragonknight
Huh... that was an unexpected butterfly
12/3/2022 c9 dreaddragonknight
How many warlocks did she fight? Cause her power and strength in the force seems kind of hap hazard, it’s hard to tell without her doing similar or greater feats to other force users
12/3/2022 c5 dreaddragonknight
Sad Taylor and Dani never got to met and stuff but your story and all that
12/3/2022 c3 dreaddragonknight
Did Taylor just not want to freak the crew out even more or did she forget the Force itself could have been used to sink that ship in any number of ways? Like a little TK around the ram would have done just as good a job as her blaster and she could conserve her ammo
11/11/2022 c39 hellkeeper6
I binged trough the entire story over the past 2 days. Great writing. And the ending allowed for a sequel so hope to see it one day
11/5/2022 c39 johnzeckleston
Very good epilogue, tied things up very nicely and really showed the legacy and impact of the MC in a meaningful way.
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