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for The Quintessence of a Queen

5/4 c39 steracae
Beautiful. You're truly an incredible writer. I honestly can't decide which of your stories is my favorite but this one is near the top for sure.
4/8 c39 jm403521
God bless you Jesus is coming back soon
3/23 c38 johnzeckleston
Nice story overall, I found the final fight vs army of the dead to be quite interesting.
3/21 c18 johnzeckleston
Dropped the ball in chapter 18 immersion wise, Taylor being the strong force user she is shouldn’t be getting tagged by 2 arrows at all in that situation.
3/21 c8 ultoriousflama
volcanoc ash actually mixes with soil to make fairly fertile ground
2/19 c39 Immortal Potatoe
1/30 c23 MattBlack
Toyne entering the queens bathroom? I doubt the unsullied would leave her unguarded in such a vulnerable position... Highly unlikely...
1/30 c22 MattBlack
That's funny, Brienne is sworn to Catelyn Stark. At the same time, the sword she uses is half of Ice, the stolen Stark family heirloom... I don't think that's very honorable...
1/30 c9 MattBlack
Temeraire changed colour to black and gold you said earlier...
1/30 c5 MattBlack
Sure, I dislike Dany's death but I agree with you, a crossover should change things. Besides, now I can root for Jon/Taylor instead, and still get a Targaryen on the throne lol.
1/28 c1 MattBlack
Animals have whelps... So many americans that spell well whelps... O.o
1/3 c5 Stormzy
Oh this seems a little better.
1/3 c3 Stormzy
Ah decent work but not a fan of Targaryen's at all and I can kinda see where this work is heading.
1/2 c39 1Priest
I kind of want to know what happened to Taylor in the end. I love your work and had to go back and start reading the things I missed the last few years.
1/1 c39 2AvidReader2425
Thank you very much for another fantastic story, and a really great epilogue as well. I think the only thing I wish would be some conclusion on what happened to Taylor and her Dragon.
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