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7/19 c7 1jumping-jo
well this changes things up , Lyanna was a whinging bitch wasn't she - how dumb were the others.
Love that Aerys blew them all up
Wonder how that changes the game
7/15 c7 vMillion
this sort of ending is probably the most realistic. with how many powerful people died in king's landing, not to mention the city itself along with the iron throne being destroyed… the crown itself would cease to exist beyond anything more than a formality. the other kingdoms would gladly let rhaella keep the crown in exchange for being able to do whatever they wanted.

not sure if it's the best result for the coming long night, but then again like bran said, if we're going by the show, how many other kingdoms (besides daenerys' dothraki/unsullied) actually showed up to contribute much anyways in the final battle?

was a little confused about how things turned out with lyanna. where did she go after her earlier speech? i assumed she ended up in essos after bran suggests it, but the epilogue implies she went to starfall with arthur. is that who bran was talking about hiding with his magic? arthur dayne as the most attractive man in westeros?
exile is probably a suitable fate for lyanna. even though she was able to prevent brandon/rickard's deaths, and the north being thrown into war, she already made that speech, so there was no way she could go back to the way things were.

who exactly did robert and brandon go to fight? where'd they end up? did ashara go north to be with ned?

poor jaime. he wasn't forced into an impossible situation in this fic like he was in canon, and was able to do the right thing and save elia. still, he shares nearly the same fate in the end, taking a mortal wound from euron.

i really can't see rhaella having three children *after* daenerys. she was already 40 when she had dany. conception and pregnancy after 40 is harder to achieve and higher risk, even with modern medical advances. having three children after 40 in medieval times, especially after how many failed pregnancies she already had? probably impossible. well… maybe if they have some special targ magic to allow it…

overall, i really liked this fic. it was a neat idea. it's rare to have a situation where lyanna is able to realize her folly before it's too late to do anything anyways, so it took a supernatural situation to make it happen, but i liked it. my fav part was def aerys' final scene.
7/4 c6 ATP
too much dornishmen and 40.000 and 25.000 ?
7/4 c6 mlkoolc86
Wow would have never expected this story to go that route. Can’t wait to see how this plays out! Look forward to the one!
7/4 c6 vMillion
holy shit, you didn't just… seriously!?

i've been following this fic since chapter 3, and was really curious to see where you'd take things with lyanna. i really hate how the show, and much of fandom romanticizes rhaegar/lyanna, and how much they kiss lyanna's ass in general. while i agree you can't put the entirety of the blame on her for her family's deaths and the whole rebellion, i definitely do think she shares some of the blame. basically she was a spoiled brat who didn't want to be told what to do.

i honestly don't even think it was about robert in particular. it was really just about being forced to marry, or being told to do *anything* she didn't want to do, as she was spoiled. and even if it was about robert's promiscuity, the fact she ran off with a married man with two kids completely ruins that argument. even still, she was young, and can't be fully blamed for all of the resulting fallout. so i liked how you handled things – showing all the consequences, but mostly only assigning blame where it was due. i really loved bran's line about 'keeping the return path open.' that was such a neat insight, and was a great way to sum it up.

but then you posted this chapter… holy shit! i can't think of many fics that actually show aerys' plan succeeding. i know i've probably read some before, but i don't recall them being memorable. so the fact you went there, when so few have, was pretty epic. but that wasn't even the best part about this chapter…

aerys himself was seriously the mvp of this chapter. i loved his honest clarity as he speaks there at the end. it was almost haunting the mood you set as he spoke so somberly, and you could seriously feel the way that characters like tywin reacted, and came to the same realization we did at the exact same time. seriously, it was perfect.

i love how aerys even apologized to tywin, and some of his other emotional displays. i loved his banter with rhaegar, about how both were sparing the other from the burden of the throne. and i love how… even with this final act of madness, in some ways he was doing a good thing, and he knew it. as if he realized he had been a monster, and thus was removing himself. and rhaegar the fool wouldn't be any better, so he had to go too, plus it was personal since rhaegar wanted to depose him as well. tywin is also a monster himself, and the realm would be better off without him. dorne not as much, but in that regard aerys was making it personal given the targs' relationship with dorne.
(okay, maybe the killing the 500k innocents of king's landing isn't a good thing, but this is asoiaf. relatively, your aerys is now slightly better than show cersei/daenerys by the end.)

and of course… aerys' final quip about dragon's burning, lol.

seriously, that last section was only 425 words, but it was truly brilliant. there's only a handful of fics that have ever made me feel sympathetic to aerys' plight. (after all, if he's truly mad, is he even in control of his own actions?) but i don't think any fic has ever actually made me like him, until now. seriously, good shit!
7/2 c3 Guest
Seriously that human wheelchair shit? If you are going to make someone from the future lecture her, it should be Jon that at least it is her son
6/16 c3 2miguelgiuliano.co
I want to see what Lyanna's decision will be now that she knows what will happen in the near future as Bran has shown her.
I hope Lyanna tries to investigate Rhaegar further and find out her true intentions.
Another point is that she sees the possibilities of her maybe even she can achieve something.
A crazy idea is that I copied Cersei's idea and passed John off as Robert's true son so everyone was happy; Maybe Lyanna turns colder and kills Robert then having a daughter. things that can happen.
after all there has to be a song of ice and fire xD.
6/15 c3 Harrek
Bobby deserves better anyways.
6/14 c2 miss-beauty-world
Right! Robert isn’t exactly the sharpest point on the star lol can’t wait for the next update:)
6/13 c2 cookeroach
He might not plot, but everyone else will. It will be hard to keep him away from temptation. Bobby B is my favorite character, but he is a trying man to marry.
6/13 c2 Donny Donuts
You have your directions all mixed up. The Vale and the Stormlands are on the east coast of Westeros and the Iron Islands are off the west coast.
6/13 c2 spiderfan
been waiting for this to update now who is going to show her the future
6/2 c1 Zanri
Damn! This is epic!
5/20 c1 spiderfan
now this is needed I get Robert is deeply flawed but some are result of the rebellion subsequent events and even then he is hardly the worst person around imagine Oberyn martell and he is still a nice guy by westeros standards and then there are the cruel awful people walder frey or the mountain the whole lyanna-rhaegar thing is irresponsible, deluded and selfish of the two
5/20 c1 obliviousss
This interests me so much omg

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