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for is your refrigerator running

5/31 c2 10Dark.Light01
*sees the update and jumps at it immediately* owo

! This is as great as the first chapter nwn Thank you dear author! *gives more love and runs away again*
5/21 c1 Phoenixdellaverita
Ok, first of all, ouch. That’s so funny and bitter at the same time. I loved it so much.
Second. Please, please please tell me we will find out what happens to Akira. This is just so good.
5/20 c1 anon
i like this very much
5/20 c1 10Dark.Light01
*throws tons of love towards the beautiful author and hides ridiculously behind an almost leaveless bush* this wass cool, and i love it will there be a second part? like... seeing how they end up solving it?

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