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8/1 c2 2yonas813
Hey, me again. Sorry for not leaving any reviews sooner for the exchange, but, well I'm doing it now. First of all, I've got to say I'm really enjoying all the stuff going on near the beginning with May and them. Especially Delia's reaction to her son's accused murder. It seemed like a real genuine reaction. Also, about the whole murder thing, I like how you didn't even try and make it seem like "oh, did Ash actually kill someone!?" I think that would've bogged everything down since there's obviously no chance Ash would ever do something like that. So yeah, I'm glad it's made clear that it's Team Rocket who's behind this whole thing. Also, just another thing I'd like to share, that police officer who was interrogating Ash is a huge asshole; it's so obvious he didn't do anything. Anyways, I'll be leaving a review for chapter 3 tomorrow. See ya then.
7/23 c1 yonas813
Hey, finally found some time to read and review. So let's see, first of all, one thing I noticed is that I think your fic is a lot more in-depth than mine, at least when it comes to what the characters are feeling and so on, especially with Ash so far, from the very get-go we understand what we can sort of expect to see from him going on, him confronting these feelings he has towards his championship, and I assume the journey it took getting there. Clearly, something's eating him, and I think I've got a feeling what that is. I think I have a lot I could maybe incorporate from this fic to mine, (writing-wise) and I might do some of that. Anyways, one other thing I'd like to touch upon, something I wanted to ask, does this fic include a lot of OCs? Obviously there's a lot of characters from the games and anime but I was just wondering.
7/20 c10 PokeMANIAC
Yes yes yes! So excited for the return to alola :)
A little confused about why looker doesn’t suspect Petrovic even a little bit… also Ash taking that gun seems a little forced, and not at all natural for him. Also, if that gun is the same one that was used in the murder of Proton,
1. It’s kind of obvious
2. It makes no sense that Petrovic would hand someone the weapon that could be used to prove he himself was a traitor, even if he does intend to frame Ash
Regardless of that criticism, there is still much more good than bad about this story so please update when you can!
7/20 c9 PokeMANIAC
Knew it… Petrovic was the only one who could have been the mole, so that reveal was a little bit flat. You needed a red herring or something… regardless, the chapter was still very good and I love that Latias has joined the crew. I’m sad that after the next chapter I’ll have to wait for an update :(
7/20 c8 PokeMANIAC
Awesome… AWESOME! Great chapter! Some good character storyline development. Looking forward to reading chapter 9 :)
7/18 c7 PokeMANIAC
You know you’re really into a story when you’re sad that there are only a few chapters left. But that’s FanFiction, kid lol
Anyway I love the progression here. Excited to see where The story goes from here and how Ash will grow and change… though if Petrovic is the mole then it’s a bit obvious. Anyways, keep up the awesome work!
7/15 c5 PokeMANIAC
Ooooooo nice! I like the direction this is going
7/15 c4 PokeMANIAC
Ha, I knew that’s what was going to happen. Only path that Ash could take since his friends all turned on him except Iris. That fact is a bit unrealistic btw, but at least you haven’t made them do a COMPLETE 180, what with Brock showing his doubts.
7/15 c3 PokeMANIAC
Continuing to like it, though I’m a bit confused as to why Annabel keeps giving the simple “it’s the right thing to do” explanation. Anyways, I like Lucario and Scizor, because of the aura stuff and because Scizor is just fast and cool.
7/15 c2 PokeMANIAC
Continuing to like this after two chapters! Wondering how they’ll get Ash out and starting g to think that they might just make him an agent. We’ll see
7/15 c1 PokeMANIAC
Ooh this is really good. It deserves more than just 50ish reviews. I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter!
7/15 c10 UltimateCCC
As long as he is not dressed like a girl again.
7/14 c10 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
6/14 c1 E
I hardly take pokemon fics seriously but this unironically looks to be an interesting deconstruction of the Pokemon world taken from a realistic viewpoint, very interesting questions raised in this fic.
6/4 c9 UltimateCCC
The winds of change blows through all.
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