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for Defeating Destiny

9/17 c24 BookFan0828
This is an amazing story, I've been reading since I think the 14th chapter was released and the wait for some of the chapters especially this one had me dying with suspense, but I loved it all, hope to see more from you, your an amazing writer
9/15 c24 ollierkyle
Thank you for this amazing story, looking forward to seeing what you do next, it’ll surely be great!
9/15 c24 2StillLostinaFairytale
Fantastic ending! I’ve really enjoyed this story. I’ll keep my eyes open for your next piece.
9/15 c23 Guest
Beautifullll!3 I love this story..! Good Job *clap* *clap*
9/15 c24 2Tessa-152
This was so good!
I am so sad that this story is over :((
I hope you write another amazing Clace story like this one!
9/15 c24 Jling
I just absolutely loved this stories. The ending just warms my heart. I really can’t wAit for more of your work! Thank you for sharing this with us️
9/15 c24 blondechicka17
omg. bittersweet moment for me. loved loved loved this story love how its written and came out sad it's over. I followed you just now but honestly I thought I did forever ago. I look forward to more stories!
9/12 c23 Tessa-152
I am reviewing so late... But—
OMG this was sooooooooo good! All the freaking chapters was so good, How do you write so well! I am in awe.
Clace is soooo cute as well!
Please keep writing!
9/8 c23 BookFan0828
Loved the chapter, and they should definitely have a pool at their house. Keep writing your amazing at it.
9/6 c23 ollierkyle
Amazing as always!
9/3 c23 zroc
Gaaahhh! Happiness overload. Thank you once again for making me smile from beginning to end of this beautiful chapter. You surely didn’t disappoint with that extra hot but sweet ending.
9/3 c22 zroc
Yay! They’re back in Indris. Considering Clace’s one year separation truly made this return together in every sense of the word is extra sweet.
9/2 c23 Lorien Legacy
Great chapter please continue soon
9/2 c23 Jling
I’m wearing heart eyes, lol
Really great chapter
9/1 c23 blondechicka17
I am so in love with this story! another great chapter.
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