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7/20 c1 Guest
Interesting, but unfortunately I must agree with Ramsey on this being canon with minute differences rather than him learning from his mistakes and becoming a lot better than he was in canon.
6/6 c1 Toothless99
While I wouldn't exactly call it short story, more novella like, the format fitted you very well. It wasn't a fluffy romance overkill but much more subtle and that worked out great for you. Choosing the plot the be mostly canon also made this piece much better. I personally am a fan of short fiction and I especially liked your anecdotal like style in this story. You managed to convey character development and emotional capacity of Harry and Fleur very well and I was enamoured pretty fast. Plotwise I have to say it felt really natural. In the beginning I wondered how you would achieve a HP/FD in that particular setting and whether it'd be too fast-paced but your solution was perfect.

Thank you for sharing
6/2 c1 Jol
Really great work, short but just a nice story to spend some time reading
5/27 c1 1Nauro Redcliff
This was amazing! If all Harry/Fleur was written like this it would be my go to ship. I liked that you interwove it with the canon events without retreading them all in detail. It kept the pace moving and focused on the new elements you added. Thanks so much.
5/24 c1 Hank1967
Excellent novella (can't call it a short, although it is pretty much novel length, too)! Enjoyed seeing you put a different twist on the canon ending. Harry and Fleur make for an interesting couple. Much more interesting than Harry and Ginny, although not quite as interesting as Harry and Daphne. There is a lot of opportunity to take Harry in different and interesting directions with Fleur. Would really enjoy an epilogue to go along with the story. It certainly merits it.
5/24 c1 bdwilliams3
excellent story!
5/23 c1 unknown
Loved the story! There was no awkwardness or anything that's generally there in such a situation. It was simple yet beautiful! My only wish was that the final fight scene was a copy of book. That was sincerely the most pathetic ending in a series that I have ever read. I just wish you thought of something better there. Would've made ur fic epic imo
5/22 c1 Ramsey
I truly do not understand author's rewriting canon with minute modifications, If we need to revisit canon we will simply read JKR's version.

The point of fiction is completely defeated in fics like these. Canon Harry was a doormat, used and abused by everybody and their mother.

A lot of us want to read fics where he learns from his mistakes and grows up. But this 32k word jumble was truly a waste of time for me, I kept hoping that there would be something better and at the end I was extremely disappointed.

I understand that you can write whatever you want , but please put a warning that it closely resembles canon so that people like me can avoid it. Instead I came hear for the pairing and wasted my time.
5/23 c1 Jaune Emiya
I have followed your work for a long time now and have come to expect a certain quality from your work. Still, considering that this was quite far from most of your work I belived that said quality would somewhat suffer and I am happy to say that I was wrong. This was, undoubtedly one of the best romance one-shots I read on this site and I'm sure if/when young Emily reads it she will likely agree. Thanks for sharing!
5/23 c1 Mark Sinfield
Nice story well written
5/23 c1 4Foreal The Chronicler
Loved it. In particular Harry's complete and utterly lack of understanding of his emotions felt spot on. Made the moment where he had to leave Fleur all the more powerful.
5/23 c1 Perseus991
I shall be honest. This entire chapter felt very unfulfilling. Yes, you added in Fleur as the romance, yes you let Bill die. But other than that, there has been absolutely no change at all to the original plot of the story. You start with a Harry who seemed to be working harder, yet nothing changed in his sixth year. You had Bill die, yet nothing came from it except making Fleur available once more. There's nothing new. There's no need for a super Harry who learns all sort of esoteric magic, who can go toe to toe with Voldemort and still emerge victorious, but I would have at least hoped for something new and imaginative when I jumped on. Your story, while good at setting the mood and interactions within characters are fluid and reasonable, has not of that flair I was hoping for when I jumped onto fanfiction. Its more of a retelling crucial events from the original books, just this time you changed the romantic interest to Fleur. But that's the point, both the original books weren't really that heavily reliant on romance at all. So when it came to this, it felt unimaginative and repetitive. Not to say that this is a bad story, it's quite a good read for anyone interested, just don't be surprised when you find yourself skimming through passages when you realize it's pretty similar to what the original books are akin to.
5/22 c1 1galahad0015
Beautifully written and carefully crafted plot. Loved both of their interactions. You haved done a great job portraying the character of Harry quite similar to canon Harry and a mature Fleur. Looking forward to your other fics.
5/22 c1 Guest
This was really quite fun and I am so glad you wrote it. Thank you for the short story!
5/22 c1 yoto
bon chapitre
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