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for Clearing Away the Rain

7/26/2021 c2 RukiYuki
Aww so sweet , thanks for the story see you at ichiruki month!
7/25/2021 c1 RukiYuki
Aww my favorite couple are perfect
7/16/2021 c2 Guest
I loved it ! Thanks for the update
7/16/2021 c2 diah77
Oh my... loved it, thank's for updating au-chan, will wait for the next
7/15/2021 c2 jobananasan
Me, right now: T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T

One of my favorite parts of Bleach was Memories in the Rain 2. Kaien dying and entrusting his heart to Rukia will forever be one of the most heart wrenching scenes ever. Add to that Rukia's heartbreaking backstory and...whew! The amount of feels I got...And I love that Ichigo told her she is so worth everything. That made the tears come harder. I'm such a sap for IchiRuki angst.

"When you held onto despair so long, it became an old friend. To let it go now would be to lose a piece of herself. But it was better to let it fall away than to let it grow familiar."-So true. You get used to the despair and it becomes part of who you are. It's hard to break that cycle but it's so nice to see the two of them helping each other and being there for each other to heal.

I love the Jidanbo reunion. I read his dialogue in his voice. Yeah, I'm a dork.

Glad that Kukaku and Ganju don't hold any grudges against Rukia.

Such a good fic. I absolutely loved it! Thank you for this. :)
5/24/2021 c1 jobananasan
"She hadn’t spent a lot of time here before being adopted by her brother, and much of the time she was here, she had been lonely."-It makes me sad just how alone and lonely she was before Kaien and then Ichigo came into her life. I mean sure, there was Renji and the 3 other boys but the 3 died and Renji abandoned her. Anyways, she's had so much sadness in her life it makes me cry.

The fangirls and fanboys are funny. Annoying but funny. And at least they're pretty polite to Rukia. Whenever I read an IR fic where Ichigo's got fangirls they're usually portrayed as very rude and disrespectful to Rukia. So thank you for not making them unbearable.

It would've been nice if Isshin had told Ichigo sooner about Masaki being a Quincy in the manga. It would've been even nicer if we had gotten the long-awaited and deserved Masaki/Kaien talk between Ichigo and Rukia. Anyways, glad Ichigo opened up to her about his mom. The parallels between IsshiMasa and IchiRuki are so frickin' obvious I don't know how there are still people out there who deny it.

"They were like me and you."-Yes! Exactly!

"The message was short and formal, stating that the noble status of the Shiba clan had been officially reinstated."-Bruh, I really thought this was gonna happen by the end of Bleach. Kubo done fucked up so bad.

Oh my gosh...Rukia's gonna have to face her demons again. But at least Ichigo will be there for her this time. Looking forward to see how the Kaien talk goes. It's gonna be angsty, I just know it.

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