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9/2 c15 Ragnarok1021
Love your story's and am hoping that you could do something with this fanfic I came across today that is pretty much dead.
9/1 c5 TeraelinII
so team shin is literally 3 versions of natsu including him and Naruto destruction incoming lol
9/1 c15 Borello
nice work.
9/1 c15 4Monster King
Awesome work
9/1 c15 Crimson Riot 01
Me encanta este fic
8/31 c15 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
8/31 c15 2Dragonkeeper10
Nice to see another chapter. Poor Naruto, trying his best but your living in a harem anime buddy. At least your teammates probably find this hilarious.
7/22 c14 Guest
Felt like you massively skip somethings.
7/14 c14 8ortizale317
That felt a little short
7/7 c14 Borello
good work.
7/7 c14 Queztlecoatl
You wrote sexist instead of sexiest dress. Might wanna change that before anyone gets the wrong idea lol.
7/6 c14 SugamDewan
Good Going
7/6 c14 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
Awesome chapter keep it up
6/1 c13 Crimson Riot 01
Me encanta
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