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7/8 c3 Wolfeborn
Yes to both Nora and Coco
7/8 c4 3Silvanium
Neat chapter.
And as for the stuff with Coco... Look, if people can make characters that aren't gay, gay because they want to(I fully understand the irony of my statement) then I say the same works in reverse. Fuck anyone who says otherwise. But to play it safe, just make her bi.
7/8 c4 2Dragonkeeper10
So we got Natsu here. More fun isn't it. As for issues over Coco and Nora, its FANfiction. Its not canon pairings or someone headcanon so yelling at the author about it makes no sense. If you don't like the pairing of the story, then don't read it is my motto. As for the Coco bit, A.) Fanfiction so Coco is still canoically Lesbian in canon so that won't change and as you said, if people were truely upset about peopel changing characters canon sexuality, then why are their so many Naruto/Sasuke on this site and they should complain about those as well since neither of them are being portrayed in their canon sexuality. So its either their operating under a double standard, are trolls, or just like to complain.

As for me, I am interested in this story and seeing where it can go from here.
7/8 c4 Dasgun
7/8 c4 darkstel
Natsu? Instead of choosing an interesting and pleasant character for goaz, did you choose him? What idiots recommended it to you? I already found this story unpromising due to the fact that your character was mostly a backdrop for the original events and rarely showed himself, but with this rakhdrazhitel in the team, the prospect breaks through the bottom.
7/8 c4 1bayoujmd89
Patiently waiting for an update keep up the good work
7/7 c4 7ortizale317
Sure you could make Coco bi

But you may open a can of worms incase any lesbian readers were to read the story?

But Great chapter today

It’s nice to see new faces
7/7 c4 PhoenixDragon90
FanFiction is fanfiction Coco can be Bi in this story there is no problem. I mean the amount of straight characters turned Bi and Gay/Lesbian is even bigger. Anyone who complains about it are just looking for stuff to attack because they are board. Most people who complain about stuff like this are usually people who hate everything.
Also Naruto and Natsu is a interesting choice. Be funny if Lucy and Hinata was the other two :P but anyway curious who the other 2 are.
Thanks For The Meal.
Keep Up The Good Work!
Till Next Time!
Stay Safe.
7/7 c4 19KuronoDono12
I think Coco should be Bi
7/7 c4 46Sage of the Azure Phoenix

As for Coco...your call, but I wouldn't worry, as I'm trying for a Naruto/Ilia pairing in a story I'm working on.
7/7 c4 MarTinez9
I would not mind seeing Nora add to the harem you really don't see her in many or at all with Naruto.
So all and all would not mind if you add Nora with Naruto.
7/7 c4 Md Alf
Wow, waiting to see how Natsu's gonna fit in, but still he should easily get along with Naruto
7/7 c4 3MCRasengan
If two are Naruto and Natsu, wonder if the other two will be Luffy and Ichigo…
7/7 c4 StrongGuy159
Cool story continue please.
7/6 c3 Silber D. Wolf
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