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for Casualties of War

6/13 c4 Guest
Have not read it yet , but just wanted to say welcome back
6/11 c3 dillydip248
Wow it's so great to see you writing again! I'm ready to see where you take this
6/1 c2 7Leonard Vindel
Oh man. The second part of this chapter made me feel uneasy. I worry for Jihl and Lightning.

Thanks for the update Mother
6/1 c1 Leonard Vindel
How wonderful it is to know that you’re well Mother. I’ve been awaiting your return for the last 7 years. I am pleased and welcome back.
5/27 c1 Guest
Interesting premise, and I like all the characters so far. I’m looking forward to more!
5/23 c1 51mr.ren
Dreams do come true
5/23 c1 hcook10
An update from Prudence Chasity...who is that? A Final Fantasy 13 update...when did I last follow them? Lol

I had to go down the list if stories to be reminded, welcome back after 7 years. This story like the others has an interesting premise and I look forward to where you take it (I could do with more happy endings and less non consensual sex, I remember there was a lot of that in some of the original)

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