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1/22 c61 WhiteEagle1985
A wonderful way to end this story!
1/17 c61 PaladinSans
…Mass Effect crossover?
1/16 c61 SortofGuest
Very nice ending, thank you for sharing.
1/16 c61 Kalstorm99
Great story!
1/16 c61 Amargi'sNodachi
Good story
1/16 c61 Inti Lua
Adorei, muito bom. Uma verdadeira história.
1/16 c61 marlastiano
Good. :)
1/5 c60 WhiteEagle1985
A solid chapter here.
1/2 c60 6Black Magic99
why bother with the cliff hanger? unless there is a secret third option
12/30/2022 c59 Devilking1994
I've really enjoyed the story so far

Has Jon hatched the Egg he got after the Death of one of his Dragons at the Wall?
12/29/2022 c45 Devilking1994
How will he deal with the Wildlings? I mean the land beyond the Wall is not unliveable it seems fairly hospitable actually with a little investment and aid the Wildlings could build proper settlements and Roads and all that they needn't stay south of the wall
Or maybe they could be split up across the entire North and absorbed into the local population
12/29/2022 c39 Devilking1994
Let me guess he's going to do that thing he does with his tongue haha

I actually really liked her character in the show compared to most of the characters
12/29/2022 c37 Devilking1994
Just because he is the God of Freedom doesn't mean Absolute Freedom which is just Chaos
He could instead view himself as the God of Freedom and Order
12/29/2022 c35 Devilking1994
He needs to meet his Daughter first she would be actually I'm not sure how old she would be at this point

How many Men does he actually have with him in his army? how many Dothraki how many Unsullied?
12/29/2022 c31 Devilking1994
Hmm if all of the major rulers in Westeros are Women now maybe he should just "Conquer" them all and make them all his Ladies it would certainly secure the Kingdom if all of the Major Noble Houses ruling each Kingdom is Married to him and having his Kids
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