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8/20/2021 c4 ManOfSteel
Love how they seem to know everything about Jon and he’s just like „what’s going on here?!“ :D
8/20/2021 c3 ManOfSteel
I can already see him ignoring Ned‘s orders for why should he even follow them lol
8/20/2021 c2 ManOfSteel
The scene with Sansa walking in was pure gold, had a good laugh.
Well done! :D
8/20/2021 c2 Guest
What an ass Ned is and Cat TULLY is a BITCH
8/19/2021 c29 Uday Sra
8/18/2021 c29 Uncle Dork
Well I absolutely DEVOURED this, can't wait for more
8/18/2021 c29 nsand45
fuckin fantastic...
8/18/2021 c29 2J.Bean1
I like the many differences from canon and I’m looking forward to reading more of what you plan for this story.
8/18/2021 c29 LANDO02
love it so Jon is now a god it's starting to look interesting
8/18/2021 c29 Kuman
Man you're really hitting all the sweet spots with your smut ;)
Lovely chapter and love Meraxes.

This is by far my favorite fic amongst your other fics for the simple reason that it's actually plot with porn. I tried reading your Harry Potter fics but one of them is set after the books (not my cup of tea as I like the journey more than the destination) and the other is a crossover with a fandom I honestly don't care nor know much about. I would love to read a HP fic where students start Hogwarts at 13 and the story starts by second or third year. You can then work your magic :)
8/18/2021 c29 Kalstorm99
8/14/2021 c26 Kuman
I forgot to mention this in my previous review but I would really like to see a different perspective soon. Maybe an update on Westeros for us readers? Jon may find out months after something happens in Westeros but we can't wait that long ;)

It would be very interesting if Jeyne got pregnant with Jon's child and she kept it. With Robb in charge he will definitely see that his "nephew" gets treated well regardless of his mother's opinion on the matter.

Speaking of Robb, the fact that Eddard went to KL completely alone and left the girls in Winterfell should make life a lot easier for Robb. With Ned dead and no sisters to rescue he doesn't really have a reason to go south. Seceding from the Iron Throne is the best thing he can do. Doing nothing is the exactly what he should be doing right now.

One thing that I'm super upset about your story however, is that you completely ignored Ghost's existence. Jon left Winterfell knowing that the King was on his way, that means that they already found the Direwolf pups weeks beforehand. I don't know which is worse, Jon abandoning Ghost or you completely removing them from the story.

I really hope that Ghost is around and waiting for Jon to pick him up. Jon maybe more Dragon, but there's no denying that he still part wolf. The best of both worlds and so on
8/14/2021 c28 Kuman
Excellent story all around. I binged the whole thing in a day. I really like a Jon that is not shy of taking what he wants and desiring lots of children of his own. So what if they are bastard or trueborn? The only other fic that I read and does something similar is Lord Reaper Jon.

Meraxes as a demigod would be cool. Add another to the harem please.
8/3/2021 c28 ReadersCantRead
I feel like this is the most palatable of the plot with porn series you've written, sometimes the lemons feel too long or that the story isn't progressing, in this fic it's the opposite Jon is getting shit done inside and outside of the bedroom.

Thanks for the read!
7/28/2021 c6 Parkodas
Hentai logic
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