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6/9/2021 c5 Tata
6/9/2021 c17 1OneLongDream
More pregnant girls means a faster restoration of House Targaryen.
6/9/2021 c17 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
6/8/2021 c8 Frisc0
Like it so far. The storyline makes the smut bearable..
6/8/2021 c16 2The Alpha 100
damn your "cliffhangers" are not it bruh, they lack that thiiing that makes them cliffhangers,always enjoy your stories though
6/7/2021 c16 1fire1
I'm a little surprised under the girls have gotten pregnant yet.
very interested to see what Jon juices to do. I do hope he keeps in communication with the iron bank. he doesn't want to make an enemy of them either.

I would love to see him meet Rob again. especially since Rob didn't see him leave. then again I'm super curious on what a lot of people in the westeros think about him.
6/7/2021 c15 deoxeyses
6/7/2021 c16 Dawning Finally
I think Jon is supposed to be sixteen here, not eighteen. That's the age people are considered adults in Planetos. Or are you worried about underage sex?
6/6/2021 c15 MattBlack
Really love the Multiple choice you give... Reminds me of the old pocket books where you chose your adventure
6/5/2021 c14 1Abyss Trinity
Say are you the same fanfiction author on Web novel because on that website this fanfiction has 20 something chapters?
6/4/2021 c13 TouchMe-San
Came for the smut stayed for story. Kudos!
6/4/2021 c3 51timbarney110
Question did Ghost come with him and did Jon give Arya the sword?
6/4/2021 c13 2rc48177
Subjection time
6/4/2021 c13 1Abyss Trinity
Wow I hope Jon conquers Essos. Awesome fanfiction.
6/4/2021 c12 2The Alpha 100
I'm loving it! especially rescuing dany,it gives a chance for jon to birth 1 or 2 of the dragons;
side note,I'm confused as to why you said viserys has a better claim than jon?
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