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6/12/2022 c45 Ashattack the Game Master
So far this story has been great. Well written, good plot, and nothing i disagree with enough that it caused me to stop reading. I will be honest, he has far too much morality for my personal tastes but it works. I can only think of one thing that I would not be able to forgive and that is if you for some reason don't put any Jon x Arya in this story. My favorite ship in the fandom and no one ever seems to use it.
Honestly though this story is very good.
Please forgive any typos i typed all of this on my phone.
6/9/2022 c7 1White Glove Literature
Dear, Mister Cambrian,

First, allow me the chance to offer my kudos on another gripping chapter and exciting story. I am excited beyond little else to see where it will lead with Jon and his new life in Essos, and beyond.

Second, allow me to say that while I have come across a number of stories where Jon quickly discovers his heritage and makes a change instead of joining the Night's Watch, this one seems to be rather different. They all have him as a bad ass, but as a potential Valyrian deity reincarnate, this is the first. You have created an exciting new premise that will hopefully set a new standard in excellence.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors,

6/6/2022 c16 AnthonyR89
...Robert would have either killed Ned In a rage or banish him back to the north, not imprison him.
6/6/2022 c8 AnthonyR89
also, if Jon was smart, he'd demand to be a keyholder for the bank once he took the throne.
6/6/2022 c7 AnthonyR89
...Jon's claim is stronger than Viserys. he's the heir of the heir. Viserys is merely the second son.
6/6/2022 c45 Kalstorm99
5/23/2022 c44 Z-Breezy
Jon as been disappointing in the last 5 or 6 chapters
5/23/2022 c44 Kalstorm99
5/9/2022 c43 Kalstorm99
5/9/2022 c43 moontheir4
Do it for the puns Jon, do it for the puns.
4/28/2022 c16 GOT101

Jon would definitely leave Essos prematurely if Ned brought his daughters along in King's Landing.

Plus the touch where Ned decided not to bring along his daughters because Jon's identity is in peril is a nice touch.

The only forced part was his forced departure.

I remember Ned promising to Lyanna that he will protect her son

Oh well, at least he has booties
4/28/2022 c36 9Firefly9202002
So does Jon actually not give a shit about the Stark side of his family? Cause there been no asking about what happened to Sansas siblings or where is Benjen.
4/25/2022 c42 Kalstorm99
4/25/2022 c42 marlastiano
4/12/2022 c41 deoxeyses
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