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1/20 c42 Lechuzape
Fuck, Harry! FUCK everyone!
1/18 c42 yoto
bon chapitre
1/18 c42 33Imperial-samaB
This is beautiful. If I may ask are you going to ever do year two of hogwarts college of witchcraft and wizardry
1/9 c13 ThatOneRandomDude
Welp 13 chapters in and it goes full steaming pile of shit. You really should have kept this fully with in the realm of HP, instead you just had to add a bunch of random characters from other properties completely demolishing any suspension of disbelief I had... Great job!
1/4 c41 yoto
bon chapitre
1/4 c41 shirousagi87
Short chapter? No lemons? So… disappointing...

Jokes aside, good plot having harry awakening his true magic cant wait for next chapter
1/2 c13 Booklovinkitten
lmfao, I had to read those names again and blink a few times just to make sure I wasn't crazy.
12/21/2022 c40 yoto
bon chapitre
12/21/2022 c22 4DarkFusion
Well, at least the American witches promise to be more interesting than the ones from the Fantastic Beasts trilogy. Now I can't help but wonder if we're going to be meeting some alternate version of Wanda Maximoff at some later point.
12/21/2022 c21 DarkFusion
I'm starting to wonder if that Library Spirit actually was meant to be a benign Cegorach. On to the next chapter...
12/21/2022 c18 DarkFusion
Yes, the Black Library is dangerous, especially given its librarian is Eldar Lau-err, sorry wrong franchise XD. Anyway, nice intro of this AU version of Raven and gee, I wonder what the option is going to be...
12/21/2022 c17 DarkFusion
I'll admit I feel cheated out of the threesome with the Tonkses, but at least the story's moving forward. Now to see what decision Harry makes...
12/21/2022 c15 DarkFusion
Okay, the premise is interesting as is the potential choice Harry could make. Now to find out...
12/21/2022 c14 DarkFusion
I know this is an AU Witcher crossover now, but my inner weeb is imagining the Lodge as Black Lodge from Demonbane. Anyway, this is still a pretty good read and I am curious to see where this new plot goes.
12/21/2022 c12 DarkFusion
And so Herminoe joins the harem! Now to see what's next...
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