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for Five Times

2/15 c6 myaccountisdead
Oh dear. I love it,,, i love you ;~; You're making me fall for gokuharu again after all these years, thank you

I wish I remembered my account so I can favorite this. WHY CAN'T GUESTS LEAVE KUDOS LIKE IN AO3
10/24/2021 c6 6TheSpring'sStorm
I'm sorry but every chapter I was squealing my head off lmao. The UMA part got me dying with laughter especially with that last pickup line. One of the most cheesiest bs pick up lines and I freaking love it hahahaha
7/19/2021 c6 Aster-Luna
love this so much great shit so cute
6/27/2021 c6 22ilovecartoonsgirl
Awwww...this was wonderfully romantic and cute! Great story, I like how you made their growing relationship realistic and entertaining!
6/27/2021 c6 Titti R
Very nice enjoyable story, great job!
6/26/2021 c6 8Natsuki Sawada
The chemistry set and him being nervous to ruin it further is so cuteee! Good thing she accepted or he would have starved to death lol. Was a very cute story!
6/22/2021 c5 Natsuki Sawada
Ahhhh Gokudera I know you weren't expecting that but you idiot! Looking forward to how he'll make it up to her (Happy birthday congratulations on graduating)
6/20/2021 c4 Natsuki Sawada
Gokudera is so dense that he needs his boss to tell him the obvious now we get to see his REAL thoughts about Haru hehehe
6/19/2021 c2 Natsuki Sawada
Omg Gokudera being afraid that she'll leave after getting use to her is so soft. Plus Haru still being assertive despite having a bit of hesitation about bothering him shows how much she likes him
6/14/2021 c4 winter rose-chan
Lol he must of realized that he liked her! How cute!
6/14/2021 c4 Lord.Raven6
. exe lol
5/31/2021 c2 winter rose-chan
Haru should just come and say it! But their interactions as really cute and wholesome. Have you seen the fanart about them?

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