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7/19/2022 c6 Spectrum Search
I hope this gets updated some day, this was a great read so far
3/12/2022 c3 dragon slayer of death 98
wait is taylor going to become a yokai/god with the fear that multiple worlds have of her as khepri, along with faith since quite a lot of people probably worship her now on some worlds, with all the fear she is gathering, she is going to be monstrously strong, what with it being a few million or billion across the worlds
11/27/2021 c5 Ninja4hir3
I love it when a crossover can balance both worlds. Taylor learning about her new state of existence, while Yukari trolls around in the land of Parahumans. And I love the Taylor wearing a live grenade bit a great deal. It just feels so in character for her.
8/28/2021 c6 enderchem.oss.jr
Really interesting story so far
7/4/2021 c6 WillItWork
Honestly, sticking a grenade on her head and using it as a decoration is the most classically Taylor thing that she has done yet in the story.

I was a little confused a couple of chapters ago on what you were doing with creating a youkai Kapri, but the explanation out the end of how they are there to cause trouble explains everything. As long as this doesn't turn into the epic battle of Taylor versus Taylor-, I'm good.

Thanks for sharing!
6/28/2021 c6 1THE GREAT AARON
This is a really interesting fic.
6/25/2021 c6 Mugen-Muse
I wonder what Oddjob would think of Taylor's choice in weaponized fashion or fashionable weaponry?
6/21/2021 c6 Malhavoc Shadowlord
I do love how this will result in every parahuman still living, absolutely shitting themselves. Including all those who once knew Taylor. This Khepri is in no way Taylor, and likely lacks even the basest forms of humanity. A monster born of a barely understood fear, and reinforced by the inkling belief of billions of people, who seek to understand how Scion could have been defeated.
6/18/2021 c6 osterreicher97
Huh... so two beings who are two halves one in the same with one being the soul who is passed on into the immaterial, and one who is the last vestige of the presence on the material realm (one that has been resuscitated into some form of life by Yukari).

The touch with Khepri's introduction was interesting to be sure. It has some Saber Alter or Jeanne Alter undertones from Fate...
6/18/2021 c6 2FirstWinterLight
So, khepri's headwear will be a circlet? Nice.

Also, is she dressed like a western Black Knight? Cause that was awesome to imagine, Can't wait what shenaningans and/or Incidents Khepri is gonna cause in Gensokyo, Thanks for the Upload!
6/18/2021 c6 Sense-zin
Good story. I look forward to continuing.
6/18/2021 c1 Primarch1
"A hat is the most important part of a 2hu"
-a drunk Japanese man hideo araki
6/18/2021 c6 1imgoingtokms
no clue what touhou is but this is cool ig
6/18/2021 c6 Dragon God xxx
I really hope Taylor and Khepri meet.
6/18/2021 c6 13feauxen
You know, I don't think Taylor would be Taylor if she didn't need several metric tons of advice and oversight to get anything done right. Why should Khepri be any different?
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