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for Basileus of the Sands

10/21/2021 c3 The Coin
The King Of Conquerors paving his path of glory and conquest continue this. It is a really good story.
9/13/2021 c3 Reader
Great chapter, loving your story.
Please keep on posting chapters :)
8/30/2021 c3 1osiel
me encanta la historia actualizala pronto
7/29/2021 c3 Carrenho96
"What's mine, is mine. Everything else, is mine to conquer."
7/29/2021 c3 Wolftamer96
Will Nymeria be his Roxhanne in this story?
7/7/2021 c3 6loupeux
Lovin it, please keep it up! I really enjoy this story, almost as much if not more than your eagle one
7/7/2021 c3 Serrae
This is gold! OMG, really need more of Alexander, sorry, Mors!
7/7/2021 c3 boban094
Great story. There is just an error in your timing. The story started in 720 BC (before conquest). 8 years later is 712 BC, not 728 BC. That's all. Keep up the good work, can't wait for more. :D
7/6/2021 c3 Nofear4231
Nice chapter
7/6/2021 c3 Relim
Well, this is new. I'm looking forward to see where this is going.
7/6/2021 c3 Reclusiarch Grimaldus
Highly entertaining thus far so keep up the good work. I only request that, unlike his real conquests you don’t have him making damn near every city named after him. Ya know like the cities of Alexandria, Alexandria, Alexandria, and Alexandria…oh and not to forget Alexandria and iskanderan which is Turkish for Alexandria.
7/6/2021 c3 edvin.ka
The world is not ready for Alexander/Mors, TREMBLE BEFORE THE MIGHT OF THE GREAT
7/6/2021 c3 Lord Jarvis
It's not a SI IT s Iskandar
7/6/2021 c3 76Perseus12
Wowsers, Mors is very clever boy and I respect him! *Thumbs UP!*
7/5/2021 c3 1Jctherebel
Awesome looking story
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