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for Back? Not Really

9/27 c59 glenn.archer.18
This was an amazing story. Thank you
9/26 c60 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great read! Very Nicely done.
9/25 c60 Guest
You can rewrite or change continue Knowledge is power by Fettucini . Please have a vote on ,it I really want you to complete it as you already have done such a fantastic job on Back? Not really.
9/24 c1 WarChicken
WTF. He couldnt have cast some privacy wards instead?
9/22 c46 majere4
Huh... mebe he did it the old-fashioned way, charm, gifts, attention, spending time... and really good sex!
9/21 c45 majere4
Wonderful chapter... and now it begins.
9/21 c44 majere4
Ugh, loong wait for that fabled growth spurt, I'm shocked that he didn't go for some potions to speed things up?

Also, Ugh, Nev playing to Harry's 'saving people thing'... the DaDa Rides Again! lol
9/21 c43 majere4
Brutal, but it explains a lot. I'm glad her possessive/clingy side isn't due to some ridiculous veela-mating nonsense (not that I'd expect you to flop into that drivel, but other good stories have taken shit-dives when it comes to sex and magic, especially with veela).
9/21 c42 majere4
Harry's speech about willpower, endurance, etc., was excellent. His description of Fluer shows the depth of his character as much as the depth of his love. A shallow man could not see the depth of her character, let alone love her that deeply.
The fears of Fleur's 'instability' are not erased tho, since we have yet to see how she reacts when she is denied.

The diving scene was wonderful!

Wait... is this... yeah, this is the summer that the Weasley's went to Egypt! :(
9/21 c41 majere4
A wonderful and fluffy chapter, they definitely deserve it!
9/21 c39 majere4
Ya know, I kinda feel sorry for Dumbledore... they have zero chance of figuring anything out!
Of course, the first time Harry's blood gets into their system he's toast... if they have some kind of magical EHR. *giggles at the idea*

Nice 'slice of life'/reflection scene with Bella. I kinda figure you're not keen on actually giving her a chance with any romance. Even Remus, the most 'qualified' wizard that I'm aware of in your fic, is probably just 'too young' by her standards. Even tho, with his furry little problem, he's probably just fine with not having kids (Tonks furry fetish, aside).

Fleur sounded even needier than in the first one.
'Almost desperate.'
But then, he started smiling again. With the virus called love tainting his thought process, Harry did not dwell on that thought for long. Head over heels with her as he was, Fleur's slightly out of character clinginess did not raise any alarm bells in his mind.
Huh… the way you ended that, it kinda freaks me out. Given that she was betrayed by Bill (or whoever she was married to) I'm hoping she's not… unstable.
9/21 c38 majere4
Well that worked out about as well as it could.

Harry has the death stick and the cloak. Now he just has to find the Stone.

I have no idea how he will answer her questions about his healing. Nor do I have a clue how Dumbledore and the ministry will respond.

Harry needs a way to mature both physically and magically. But obviously, that would draw the wrong kind of attention so… I don't know what is next.

As to the scene with Death... only Harry.
9/21 c37 majere4
Absolutely awe inspiring.
Perhaps Harry has a shot against Tom after all.
9/21 c36 majere4
Ugh... well, I guess it is good news that a pair of teenagers (yes, yes, I know, they are 30 & 40) cannot outsmart the forces arrayed against them.
I'm looking forward to the fast-talking that Harry is going to be doing - and the bolloking that Bella will be giving lol
9/20 c35 majere4
I'm impressed, the idea of them confessing when he is 'a child' is pretty unlikely, but this... it makes sense.
I'm not bothered by the lack of citrus, the story is great without smut.
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