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for Back? Not Really

12/1 c39 Guest
"If you want to see Harry act like a cringey edgelord that slurps on retard juice before getting into a shouting match with Death, maybe drop this story and go read a Indy!Harry fic. You will find what you seek there."

Based beyond belief
11/30 c35 Guest
What? What the hell that's it?! This was so disjointed and out of left field, what happened to "You're not my type?" what happened to building up the romance?
This felt way too quick, honestly a disappointment to read
12/1 c19 Abendrot Fernweh
Magic being a Gene is impossible since squibs had to have got 2 sub Genes to make them not have magic. so then Theres NO possible inactive gene
11/28 c4 Abendrot Fernweh
harry takes as long to figure out that the imperious was cast as fleur being from the future
11/27 c55 SHWAT
Isn't it supposed to be Inferni and Infernus? Like derived from Inferno? What is Inferi? Why is the n missing?
11/26 c58 18stevem1
This is an interesting chapter. Harry my be death’s emissary but he’s still a hero.
11/26 c57 stevem1
Good chapter.

The magicals are incredibly stupid and arrogant. They went into hiding when the muggles had muskets. They survive by living in the shadows. Even the Russians rule for the shadows. When the muggle world goes to war, they will destroy the magicals.

I don’t care how strong your shield spell is, a tactical nuke or firebomb in Hogsmeade will wipe them out. The muggles could easily engineer a plague targeting magical dna.
11/26 c55 stevem1
A Zombie infection is actually a good idea for an evil wizard looking to take down muggles. We nor miss would think it was caused by a lab outbreak and blame our governments, not a hidden dark lord.
11/24 c58 aesir21
I am glad I found this awesome story and binged reading it for the last week. Cant wait to see where Harry would go next. I do hope he gets to live his one life with Fleur to the fullest.
11/23 c56 Devilking1994
And you Ruined it I mean seriously?
If Magicals are capable of doing something like Rufus did then Why would the Wizards and Witches of gone into Hiding if they could just stop Bullets like nothing?

It makes absolutely no sense at all those Bullets should of turned Rufus into a fucking pin cushion ffs

If they were capable of doing this they would be Ruling over the entire planet and Muggles would be Slaves or Genocided out of existence depending on the Country
11/23 c55 Devilking1994
Oh come on Voldy is not this dumb to cause something like this and even if he did how did it grow to such a large size so quickly? it makes no sense
11/23 c37 Devilking1994
What about Harrys Wands? Did she pick them up? kind of important I doubt she would forget to grab them
11/23 c36 Devilking1994
This just feels extremely convenient for the Ministry I mean surely they must of caught a large number of Wizards and Witches looking to cash in for the Bounty even if Harry and Fleur had gone with them they wouldn't of been able to hold them they wouldn't even have Just Cause to use that Truth Potion
11/23 c33 Devilking1994
Wait so if a Magic Gene exists and is passed down by Squibs to make Muggleborns then surely the Majority of the Muggle population would have a inactive Magic Gene that might one day activate in their children so if that is the case then is anyone truly a Muggle?
11/22 c26 Devilking1994
No we don't have a version of the word Jock we think you Americans take Sport too seriously the idea of forming a clique is kind of silly to us even though we really enjoy sports and are much better at coming up with Songs/Chants than Americans are in most ways you guys take it too far lol
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