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for Back? Not Really

7/31 c51 bobel1990
wild Ride i Startet Yesterday reading this.
I loved the Ride becase it has everything i Desire in a good Story,
Strong MC
some Fluff
consequences for choises made
Thanks a bunch
7/30 c14 1TheGreatBubbaJ
All kinds of changes.
7/30 c13 TheGreatBubbaJ
Sassy snakes, sassy wand, sassy veela, sassy caretaker, sassy owl, sassy friends, the poor lad gets nothing but sass.
7/30 c12 TheGreatBubbaJ
Seems the lad is finally resolved.
7/30 c11 TheGreatBubbaJ
Is this lad one that only got snake speaking from his passenger or naturally I wonder.
7/30 c10 TheGreatBubbaJ
Glad things'll get better for the lad.
7/30 c9 TheGreatBubbaJ
Perhaps she received some bad news, something relating to children perhaps?
7/30 c8 TheGreatBubbaJ
I didn't consider it would be this world's Fleur, hmmm.
7/30 c7 TheGreatBubbaJ
Hmmm, mentally she came back right after her husband child and in laws were murdered I'd wager. So the lad still has a good few years on her. Their interactions will be interesting.
7/30 c6 TheGreatBubbaJ
An even more embarrassing bout of wind than a fart at a wedding.
7/30 c5 TheGreatBubbaJ
Was wondering when the old fella would take steps, glad he is trying to change the lad's direction rather than just end him.
7/30 c4 TheGreatBubbaJ
At least the lad didn't take long to put the pieces together.
7/30 c3 TheGreatBubbaJ
Character deaths indeed.
7/30 c2 TheGreatBubbaJ
Quite a few differences this go around.
7/30 c1 TheGreatBubbaJ
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