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for Back? Not Really

10/3 c60 Royaussie
That was great. Everyone this is not the run of the mill story, totally different and a blast. Have a read and u will enjoy. From me
Thank ypu heaps it was fun, dramatic, and romantic plus a dam good story. I appreciate your time and effort which looks to be massive.
My thanks
10/2 c59 majere4
First off, the story was fantastic!
I really enjoyed the character development and world building.
Though Harry did not have an epic 'final battle' to eliminate Tom, your method fit the character perfectly.
Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent!
10/1 c52 majere4
I was so happy to see this chapter end... peacefully.
10/1 c52 majere4
I was so happy to see this chapter end... peacefully.
10/1 c51 majere4
He wants to see what Bella has to say... Oh boy, I think she's going to be pissed off!
10/1 c50 majere4
Yeah, I can understand why he'd feel used/ setup... Harry truly had little choice but at least he Did Have A Choice!
It was pretty cool that he figured out his value and bargained from that position!
9/29 c47 majere4
I have a terrible feeling that, perhaps, Thomas Gaunt is exactly that - a muggleborn named Thomas Oswald who, with a little 'help' has claimed the Gaunt line and, with a little 'different help' become completely besotted with Amelia. It would be one helluva way to draw out voldy's enemies!
9/27 c59 glenn.archer.18
This was an amazing story. Thank you
9/26 c60 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great read! Very Nicely done.
9/25 c60 Guest
You can rewrite or change continue Knowledge is power by Fettucini . Please have a vote on ,it I really want you to complete it as you already have done such a fantastic job on Back? Not really.
9/24 c1 WarChicken
WTF. He couldnt have cast some privacy wards instead?
9/22 c46 majere4
Huh... mebe he did it the old-fashioned way, charm, gifts, attention, spending time... and really good sex!
9/21 c45 majere4
Wonderful chapter... and now it begins.
9/21 c44 majere4
Ugh, loong wait for that fabled growth spurt, I'm shocked that he didn't go for some potions to speed things up?

Also, Ugh, Nev playing to Harry's 'saving people thing'... the DaDa Rides Again! lol
9/21 c43 majere4
Brutal, but it explains a lot. I'm glad her possessive/clingy side isn't due to some ridiculous veela-mating nonsense (not that I'd expect you to flop into that drivel, but other good stories have taken shit-dives when it comes to sex and magic, especially with veela).
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