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for Back? Not Really

10/19 c56 fallendemon248
God damn he lost his arm, the magic community isn't doing much in helping normal folks, things don't look too good for the world. Hopefully fleur and bella don't kill Harry when he shows up without an arm, can't wait for more
10/19 c56 N. A. Wennerholm
The Witches and Wizards are going to be heading straight to hell for their actions and inactions toward the Non-magicals.

Stupid never turn to such beings fool sacrifice a body part like that Harry didn't turn to the correct being. And only fools would turn to a fucking demons or Fallen Angels. One-third of the entire angelic race rebelled while two
Thirds remained loyal. So all of the pagan pantheons are made up of the Fallen and their brats. demons are disembodied Nephilim. And many but not all were giants. Many reject the authority of Yahweh and Yeshua but not all. And what Scrimgore did to the Prime Minister is a crime whether that piece of shit acknowledges it or not.

So Harry you gave made one if not of the worst mistakes of your life you turned to the wrong being for help.
10/19 c56 Spazzman29
This started going downhill with the zombie thing, now you've made Harry one armed again just because.
10/19 c56 Specterchilypepper
Ty mr author for your work
P.s. it is True English is an official language in Nigeria that influenced their various pidgins and dialects, I did kot thought you would have known
10/19 c56 2Maelaeran
Love it. The vast majority of HP stories absolutely adore Muggle-wanks and so very few have magic being objectively more powerful. Magicals were never afraid of muggles in canon (ex. witch burnings and the flame-freezing charm) and just wanted them to stop bothering them with problems. I also rather liked how Rufus put an immediate stop to any muggle retaliation by Imperius'ing the PM. I do wonder, though, how many other muggle leaders are being controlled in such a fashion, even before this whole zombie apocalypse thing.

It's also nice to see Harry suffer a permanent consequence in the form of losing an arm. Different magical systems are always fun to see
10/19 c56 marlastiano
an arm, really :(
10/19 c56 GetSmart714
First off, glad to see that you're still alive and kicking! Hope you're doing well. :)

2ndly, this chapter was soo good and brutal. Harry, having a 2nd chance in life, has to give up his arm again. LOL. If that isn't ironic, idk what is. Great chapter, great writing.
10/19 c56 shushanepa
I was disappointed by this chapter. If HP wizards were powerful enough to slow down and stop bullets then they would have never gone into hiding from Muggles especially when the latter were armed with only sticks and knives.

This story started out great, but the world building leaves much to be desired.

Therefore I am leaving this story.
10/19 c56 harry uzumaki
10/19 c56 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Two birds one stone. Or rather, one arm.
10/19 c56 Ariadne Venegas
He lost an arm only for scrying? That sound more like a hand or a liter of his blood than a whole arm. I think you over did it.
10/19 c1 2UnlawfulGentleman
Just letting you know. I have not read a word of this fic. I have absolutely zero idea as to the content. But holy shit that summary - consider me immediately interested! I'm a bit too busy this month to really do much beyond browse the net every few days, but I plan on giving this a read as soon as possible in November because holy shit does it sound excellent!
10/19 c56 Vukk
You just had to make Harry 1 armed again...
10/19 c56 Guest
I think I would enjoy the muggles starting a war against the wizards. Releasing everything online and slaughtering wizards. 30 million deaths.. wars have and still are fought over less and the fact that he was imperious. Time to destroy all wizards and bomb everything.
10/19 c56 17griffin blackwood
Interesting chapter
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