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10/19 c56 Tony McNucklz
Now that's an interesting way to close the question of why he couldn't do this in the previous life. Can't sacrifice a second arm and still wield a wand. I like it. And perhaps he can make a silver arm a magic version of the Winter Soldier. Enchant it and whatnot.

I forget, was one of the differences here that atom only made one horcrux? Stopped at the diary? Or am i mixing story lore again? If it is the only one, then he should be able to kill him now right?
10/19 c56 ilayhyams
Will he get a prosthetic arm, like Peter? Also, I just knew the moment he talked about sacrifice in the letter he was losing either his arm or eye
10/19 c56 smokeapound
well I love the story till this point. oh well thanks for the story up till now
10/19 c56 3grovepjp
10/19 c56 NazgulBelserion
Haha Dude hell ya, GO Voldemort get rid of the muggles and cleanse them before they get to our time and become retarded.
10/19 c56 ymrgf
Damn Wizards should Imperio'ed BJ before he ended in mess.
10/19 c56 Victorius 435
Honestly, you can imperio key figures all you want but the subordinates and the people in general will notice the sudden change of tune. So either the Muggles go nuke and carpet bomb mode or they go time for witches trials! Wouldn’t be surprised if muggle secret Agency know about the Wizarding world.
10/19 c56 scyfly
i think 30mil is a very low estimate, while i do believe the 'unlike movies' part this would only be after the first wave, a wave that will decimate most cities.

'underage magic is allowed as long as it was done for the purpose of selfpreservation' this already is a law only they named it selfdefence which is just a technicallity

i still dont get how voldy is alive btw. his diary is gone, his main piece sacrificed so that leaves the bit in neville(which shouldnt really be there with a much more stable voldy) so what piece is now running amok?
the potters hid under a fidelius to hide from voldy cause he apparently could find them anywhere even under wards. but harry needs to cut off his arm to find him. that doesnt really seem equal now does it.
its gonna crack me up if the trickster god tells him the location of neville though, ofc he could also tell him voldy is on 'earth'
10/19 c56 3loki98065
afraid people do stupid things and it looks like rufus made it allot worse. looking forward to seeing the response from the muggles.
could harry learn that peace of magic that voldermort used to give wormtail his hand back to replace his hand? either way harry prob be safer with voldermort that his girls when he gets home and thry find out what he did lol
10/19 c56 NekoElder
Thanks for this chapter. For a Nigerian and an Igbo maternal heritage, I only knew Ekwensu as Igbo's equivalent for Satan.
10/15 c15 StoneTheLoner
I can't help but notice Chinese writing influences in this. Or at least there are a bunch of little moments that SERIOUSLY resemble the kind of stuff I've read in Chinese stories. The way people talk, interact, etc. Am I totally off base?
10/14 c55 3Markus-Antonius
Well shit lmao
10/14 c55 AlexianBlithworth
Where's the superiority in numbers that so many people claimed the Muggles to have lol
Ok, but seriously, this idea is genius, if I still wrote fics it would be a definite yoink (with credits where they're due)
10/13 c55 Laeknyr
Damn. A cunning Voldemort with unlimited regens is broken af. I’m glad Harry surpasses him in power otherwise this would have gone downhill really fast.
10/12 c5 4Verdauga
Hedwig is a Good Girl, but I will dislike Quidditch.
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