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for Back? Not Really

8/23 c54 Blaze1992
Resident evil magical edition!
8/23 c54 bobel1990
To be Honest dont like the Turn it now goes .
Yes Voldi and not many Options that make Sense and the Events that are Happening are complete Sound and Logical , Still it buggs me the Wrong way...
8/23 c54 David
There comes a point in a story where it feels as though it has gone on too long. The Battle of Bones Manor would have been a great closer to this story. How many lives are you going to give Tom? Don't you have other stories that need a little loving attention?
8/23 c54 SomeGuyFawkes
Thanks for the update.
8/22 c54 1Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot. I am sorry if I am being rude or annoying you with my reviews; I just really like your story a lot.
8/22 c54 SKFF
Loved the family bonding! Seeing harry and Bella together was very heartwarming.
Voldemort’s connection to the pyramids was interesting…
Great work!
8/22 c53 SKFF
Love the history behind other civilisations!
Great to see Bella back as well, hoping for more scenes with her and our couple.
Amazing work.
8/22 c54 4Akashic Silhouette
Zamn Voldemort is zombiepilled? As for convincing people to betray their family, it is totally possible. The Soviet Union managed to have children report on their parents and family because of their loyalty to the state. Obviously it wasn't super duper common, but for people tangentially related like cousins? Definitely within the realm of possibility.

But I overall agree, something like that is not a viable plan, at least not in the short-term, it would take decades of idealogical subversion, if done too quickly it wouldn't work super well, especially because for all its faults, Magical Britain's society is relatively prosperous, magic makes even poor families like the Weasely's able to acquire most essential resources they need like food very easily.
8/22 c54 fortinpatric
Merci pour le chapitre
8/22 c54 shugokage
Great job on this interesting scene and chapter!
8/22 c54 Tony McNucklz
Well... hohoho, holy shit?
8/22 c54 fallendemon248
Well so much for partying, they had some good holidays but as always someone has to ruin it. Wonder what voldemort plans to do now thou
8/22 c54 scyfly
why is voldemort so happy about his 'perfect' immortality? he stopped making horcruxes to retain his sanity but now he just up and tore a piece of his soul off(in the moment without prep) to power a spell and called it success.

the ppl around him shouldve def seen the rest of his soul fly off though

this voldy is all kinds of hax, but then so are harry's abilities
8/22 c54 3grovepjp
8/22 c54 Maheshvara10
awesome chapter
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