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for Back? Not Really

12/4 c60 1Diamantes1
Huh interesting.
12/4 c60 ah08302004
do it. playing hogwarts legacy made me read Harry Potter fics.
12/3 c60 1genericdegen
all for the three way, lesgo
12/3 c60 1SixStringBass
I like the idea. However, I propose Power Girl and Super Girl merely for the flex.
12/3 c60 AJGuardian
Hey. I can dig that.

Also, I'd appreciate it if you tried the 3 way.
12/3 c60 Fuck Names
Please just make it a single paring, it can be anyone but the romance is ruined when it's not just a couple.
12/3 c60 TripleSweet
I am on mobile, I do not know if you will see this, but here is my two cents in the matter.

The premise is definetly not a bad idea, in fact it's pretty good! The threeway pairing is not a bad idea as well, but I personally am against it, harem/multiple pairings are prone to making stories go downhill or is bound to make it happen. Especially since you said you have no experience in it, but again, if done well I am not against it.

I like the idea that Potter is going more of a team player. As much as I like seeing Harry is overpowered or special -and definetely ot against it if done properly- it's just that it just gets boring, at least for me. No thrills and suspense. of course, there is something exhilirating about seeing Harry beat up strong foes themselves but it gets dull after a while. Making Harry stupidly overpowered is also a clichè nowadays -usually from the objective standpoint when powerscaling is the topic as well as from a subjective exposition that rely too much on Harry.- Bringing more relevancy to more characters being brought might fix that issue with or without Harry being overpowered.
12/3 c60 1kano547
As someone who really enjoyed this story, I'm already looking forward to this DC crossover.
12/3 c60 gamberofritto
probably won't read it, i prefer fics were harry isn't reliant on others
12/3 c59 GwynCoram
I like how the only thing that gives ffn a advantage is the fact that it's an old site. It's fanfics library is huge and people get used to it. But let's be honest - if we consider ao3 then we can admit that ffn is inferior to it in almost all ways. And yet, the ffn seems to treat readers and writers like it have somekind of monopoly on fanfics. It's madness, they are just making sure that people gives up on their site faster and faster in favour of ao3
12/3 c60 reptoholic
Absolutely loved this story
12/3 c59 reptoholic
Great story
12/3 c58 reptoholic
Hope he gets it back
12/3 c57 reptoholic
Damnnn! Killl him for good
12/3 c58 WN-Bruh
I just checked the results of the poll. damn. just as I predicted. any poll like this will turn to the most degen, perverse, horny option. it's a shame I won't be able to enjoy it. gl with your fic
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