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for Back? Not Really

10/24/2022 c55 Guest
Man this was a sudden turn of events. Did we crossover from Harry Potter to I am Legend ?
10/24/2022 c32 1madsloth
Again over all not a bad story but I’m not sure I will keep reading. Regardless of the following, I do thank you for writing this fic, it has been a good read. Also I do not submit this as a flame but rather a hope that if you write more in the future you think about what seems me to be logical actions people would take.
Just a few examples off the top of my head,

Dumbledore never told anyone about the stone going missing at the same time Quarrel disappeared. Harry did not even seem disturbed by that, and yes I know he was ‘not involved’ at that point.

The note to Fleur, how could Harry possibly think that would end well?

Harry keeps thinking of Fleur as a serial killer, while that is kind of true he knows she is fighting a war even if only the two of them knows it has started early. Killing your enemy is not serial killing, The only one remotely questionable one would be Draco, as he has not committed any of his crimes yet.

Bellatrix seemingly never shared the memory of the man who ordered her assassination with anyone? Clearly not Croaker, or Harry since he could have probably told her who it was based on what the Diary Voldemort looked like, and obviously not Fleur as she knows exactly what he looks like. Croaker and the others probably would have been a bit more cautious if they had a heads up. Even if they did not ‘know’ it was Voldemort they would have known this guy was giving commands to death eaters.

Has Harry, Fleur and Bellatrix had a conversation about the future yet? It has been months. Fleur seems to have some pretty important knowledge about things to come in this world.

And possibly the worst of all
Bones is hearing rumors about the return of Voldemort, then all but has it confirmed by Dumbledore who basically admits “Yeah I kind of have known that probably happened for over a year now…” What do they spend the rest of that meeting talking about? Catching the one person out there actually fighting Voldemort. The Dark Lord is back and someone is destroying his power base, but the road to hell... So we have to catch ‘him’. I wonder if she had been a bit more concerned about the whole dark lord thing if she might have had a bit more security on hand to protect the Ministry when the Dark Lord showed up. Instead she probably had Aurors preparing the Greyback escape trap at the exact time Voldemort attacked.

Basically no one is communicating with anyone in a way that seems a normal competent human would. Maybe you don’t notice because of the time skips but huge amounts of time are passing before anyone informs anyone else of absolutely critical information.

Again thanks for the story and I wish you the best of luck in the future.
10/23/2022 c16 95Tsuruga Lia1412
Historia Excelente!
10/23/2022 c20 1madsloth
All in all a pretty good story, yeah the Stunning himself on the train and a few other things were odd like the note to Fleur and not being even slightly interested in the Stone. That said I just don't get the fight scene.

Both Harry and Bellatrix took the time to taunt in this fight? 10-2 or 7-2 taunting is begging to be killed why would two combat veterans do such a thing? Was Harry taunting Voldemort when McGonagall, Flitwick, Kingsley died and Harry lost his arm? Sirius was not enough of a lesson To Harry what happens to people taunting people while they are trying to kill them?

Voldemort is back… I can’t help but wonder if Dumbledore even bothered to check on the stone, Did he tell Bones or McGonagall?

In canon the Mirror was not added to the third floor till after Christmas.
10/23/2022 c56 7hanatos
When will you update Kitsune?
10/23/2022 c26 1TheatricalBarrister
For the weird year caused by canceling Hogwarts for most of the year after Malfoy, surely this had an impact on 5th year and 7th year students with OWLS and NEWT tests. Did anyone take those tests? Surely students would not advance to 6th year at all without passing some of the OWLS tests.
10/23/2022 c38 3Thunder Demon of Noir
Bruh it’s fucking chapter 38 and he’s still fucking 12.
10/22/2022 c56 Idrinktomuch10
Should have told this god to F off. If he wants to be so unreasonable Harry should have killed off his remaining followers and left the god to fade away.
10/20/2022 c56 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Oh holy crud. Fleur and Bella are going to kill him when they see him missing an arm.
10/20/2022 c56 3rishi547
I wanted to give this a chance, but I can't, sorry it's not you, it's defo me, I'm still shook this became a zombie apocalypse fic. Good luck I guess, thank you for 1-54, they were amazing.
10/20/2022 c56 Brezer
losing his arm is a bit much don't you think.
10/20/2022 c56 WN-Bruh
why havent they tried destroying graves and burning bodies to prevent corpses
and i feel like more muggle-born wizards should've done something
other than that thanks for the chapter
the shaman reminded me of the witch doctors from nigerian movies
their outfits and the bad animations make me unable to take them seriously lol
10/20/2022 c56 2mwinter1
the story keeps getting weirder and weirder.
10/20/2022 c56 Difdi
If it were so easy to defeat muggle weapons as you have Rufus Scrimgeour demonstrating in this chapter, the Statute of Secrecy would have never been enacted. Nobody decides to beggar themselves to the point it crashes their economy, and hide in deep dark holes from something that is no threat to them. They certainly don’t enact a global international law requiring it.

If magic was such an I Win button, they’d just put up wards so witch burners wouldn’t even be able to find magicals. Any witch hunter who did find one would only have done so because the magical wanted them to, and unless the magical was doing it as a form of suicide, the witch hunters would be annihilated shortly after finding the magical.

No, your depiction of Scrimgeour easily stopping bullets is either something only one in a thousand wizards can do, or you’ve broken suspension of disbelief in your story, possibly irrevocably.
10/20/2022 c55 monkiepawn
I still say let the nukes fly, just look at US now. In the last 3 months 5 alerts of a 3.- world War coming to us because 2 countries are fighting each other and let's not forget why 1 and 2 started.
Something I really hate of Potter fanfics are how they all look down on "muggles" like stopping fast moving bullets when we have seen magical shields going down just by rocks and explosions. What is a wizard to do for a bullet in the back or a sniper hidden away? I really wish to see bombs flying away like another fanfic that Voldemort last move before endind was to make Russia start a war with everyone. Would be glorious to see all magical dying while looking at the sky dying like the muggles they just saw die.
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