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for Back? Not Really

8/14 c28 8daled73
" ... it was because of her sake." is a strange construction.

i would suggest either:

" ... it was because of her."


" ... it was for her sake."

Nothing terrible but a little "oops" moment in the story.
8/14 c53 shugokage
Great job on this interesting scene and chapter!
8/13 c53 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
8/13 c52 Nippsy
I guess it is basically confirmed that there will be a sequel for this but, I was hoping that Harry would make another deal with Death and Fleur would somehow follow him to the other worlds but I doubt that will happen now.
8/13 c53 niningtantalus
i'm curious what kind of Creature voldemort right now lol...
8/13 c53 ilayhyams
You forgot one thing, in some myths Isis managed to find every bodypart except his dick. Seth was a bitch and fed it to an Alligator.
8/13 c53 1MorphCross
Oh no. Whatever shall Harry and Fleur do now to go incognito? To bad there isn't a potion that would allow them to transform into another person for one hour...Oh...Wait...There is. More specifically they could get the hair from the head of an Olympic record holding muggle for track and field and basically be better than most wizards. Toss on a few glamour charms and voila.
8/13 c53 fallendemon248
Lol I guess that means no more aging potion and going at it like rabbits for harry and fleur, but im also kinda worried that means if they have to go out and do something like assassinate someone they wont have an aging potion just transfiguration
8/13 c53 DragonEyesBlue
8/13 c53 Ariadne Venegas
Exactly so Osiris was not a necromancer that was his wife!
Also she never get his penis back so he get a literal wood replacement, and never lived again in the world but in the underworld.

So, he never was a necromancer and his only son was murdered every day by Seth. So it is impossible that they have any descendant of any type.

Unless our dear Isis who is also considered the goddess of magic have some kids on the side with someone else, so they were not Osiris descendant.
8/13 c53 Petrox
Guess who's back
Back again
Voldi is back
Tell a friend
8/13 c53 12Banner
Yet another fascinating twist ...
You keep this story so *interesting*!

Thank you
8/13 c53 scyfly
i wonder why voldemort didnt raid the asar family for their magics
8/13 c53 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Too much poon juice.
8/13 c53 marlastiano
thanks :)
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