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for Back? Not Really

8/22 c54 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Still not done yet lad.
8/22 c54 WN-Bruh
Is Voldemort now an undead lich wearing a human body or does the body he inhabits become alive again?

Thanks for the chapter!
8/22 c54 amortentiate
I have a bad feeling that you're making Voldy too much of a problem. He's too strong. This could derail the story, is my fear.

8/22 c54 60red-jacobson
Yikes! That's one hell of a cliffie!
8/22 c54 17griffin blackwood
That was really surprising g
8/22 c54 sage7th
8/22 c54 niningtantalus
holy shit indeed... if i may suggest, let this be the final arc. you have already stage this will be a massive fight... i beleive this will be a master piece.. bravo for you
8/20 c1 edoabb
Oh god Harry became Snape
8/19 c14 primalparadox
Seems like a great novel, love the relationship between Bella and Harry, it's adorable. Personally though I'm put off for a rather dumb reason. A whole world of magic and what he interested in? Sports, the biggest waste of time for the entire human race next to the entertainment industry. Like I said, my problem not yours, honestly seems like it'd be a brilliant novel for others. Hope you keep writing your definetly good at this :)
8/18 c50 Dscot
I like your story is very interesting. Finally someone who go back in time and doesn’t just sit with a thumb up their ass. It is nice to see someone doing actual proactive culling of the enemy. The only thing I hate about this chapter is I hope they get caught. Stupidity should be punished. The simple fact that they use their own names she spoke French sayings. It was like they wanted to be caught and I hope because they’re so stupid that in an operation they’re using names and using accents I hope they got caught. Do they not know of codes phrases oh my God was this so painful to read when I hear somebody who so smart be so dumb. It reminds me of those idiots who rob places during riots and they wear a mask but they leave their arms that have tattoos visible. Not to mention I have no idea why Amelia couldn’t be told that she’s fucking around with Voldemort. It’s kind of fucked up if you think about it that they were allowing her to mingle with him they didn’t have to expose themselves but they could’ve informed her it’s kind of fucked up that they didn’t.
8/18 c32 fanficfan1981
I'm starting to wonder is Voldemort and this world more of a revolutionary instead of a dark lord... is it possible that Walmart is a really even Harry's enemy...
8/17 c53 3Scabbers1957
A bloody brilliant story.

8/15 c53 14Freddie Rindklip
This is an enjoyable fic. Thank you for writing.
8/14 c53 Xemenon
Nice chapter.
8/14 c53 4Akashic Silhouette
Don't misunderstand, I find your expansion of the lore very interesting, I think the idea of the Asars and others has a lot of potential, the problem is that it strikes me as careless to treat it as so much older, more powerful, and presumably more magically relavent, and it ends up undercutting the original story.

That being said, I could be reading way too much into this, and I'm still interested in seeing where this goes.
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