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for Back? Not Really

2/19 c27 FoggyJarl166
Love this series so far! I also really appreciate the footnotes throughout, awesome story!
2/19 c8 Dr. Valentine
I hadn't actually seen the plot summary at the start, that explains a lot. I was wondering why Voldemort kept coming back, and it also explains Harry's dislike of Snape. Much prefered over any OOCness.
2/19 c3 Dr. Valentine
Okay, this story is pretty dark.
2/19 c2 Dr. Valentine
Goddamn, that's one way to get out of writing Snape.
2/7 c23 6The-Heaven
Man, in the final part of this chapter Harry reminded me of Tang Hao from Douluo Dalu, even though I don't like the guy, I have to admit that his character model is pretty cool, a super OP guy who has nothing else to do with matters in the world and that's why he looks like a beggar with a black cape over his shoulders, but when necessary, he appears when the MC is in danger and makes an epic scene of beating everyone up.
2/5 c59 cameron1812
A joy to read, thank you!
2/2 c60 5peterco
Great read!
It was a good amount of AU.
Early chapters hinted at the being a tune traveler quite well, not too obviously.
You respected your readers.
Replacing lemons with [lemons] I liked.

The only flaw I noticed was that Harry negotiated terribly with death. He needed the right to quit, so that death wouldn't make being his emissary too miserable. Instead he agreed to terms where death can make him start forever by making him miserable. Not a mistake is expect an adult war veteran to make. This could be fixed relatively easily.
2/1 c59 jayod
great read!
1/28 c24 MRGwrites
Big Head is my favorite!
1/23 c60 Guest
amazing story cant wait to read the next one!
1/24 c59 HoneyBear84
Love it
1/20 c59 Beyondtheforest
Excellent story.
I was a little hesitant to read it at first as my favourite character was killed off early on but I’m so glad I did!
1/18 c59 suziq968
This was a great read. I still think the unforgivables were too casually used. With all the other options and the requirements of negative emotions, wanting to cause pain and suffering I think intelligent magicals would find a better way, but I really enjoyed the plot line. Thanks for sharing.
1/17 c6 Guest
I am enjoying this. Thank you
1/17 c5 Guest
I could see Harry hanging out with Percy a good bit. Percy could benefit from studying with Harry, if Percy's pride would allow it.
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