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11/7 c39 2Dariory
Had to go on a minor search to find out what Indy!Harry is but other than that, it really does make sense. To be fair tho, those works being cringe and/or edgy really is the main appeal. Sometimes I wanna read good fanfiction, and sometimes I wanna read utter trash that has no business being called "writing" but it somehow just hits that one weird spot you fight that you have. Kinda like junk food. Might be utterly shit, but I still love it and will defend it fervently.
11/7 c8 Mrsiri
even after seeing his memory I still think snape's scumbag
11/6 c58 GetSmart714
Great fanfic. I am sad to see that this is going to end soon :/

One small mistake that I realized after multiple re-reads of the last few chapters. You wrote, “ Ekwensu has spoken. He demands an offering in blood. Ekwensu demands your main arm. Your left arm." In the arm sacrifice chapter. However , in ch 58, you said something along the lines, “Fleur is gonna kill me for losing my RIGHT arm”. I think you made a mistake and typed out the wrong arm.

Other than that, I’m sad to see that this fic will end soon :(
11/6 c58 2maximusrexmundi
My 2c, both new story prompts sound epic and fun!
11/6 c58 17griffin blackwood
That was quickly resolved
11/6 c58 death390
Both options sound so good I don't know what to pick
11/6 c58 p6lishb6kser
Another good chapter.
And as for the new fanfic, I would like to read the number 2
11/6 c58 TurtleMilker
Sad to see this coming to an end soon but I'm hoping you'll do some more chapters of kitsune. I was really digging that story and any story with sexy rabbit girls are always good.
11/6 c58 Guest
1 all the way

Sounds super dope
11/6 c3 Anathaem

i love your story so far, everything about it is just

every single time i got so surprised. It had been a long time i felt that for a fic, i'm so grateful, and it's only the 3rd chapter.

11/6 c58 Guest
Gamer, any chance we can get a tonks/harry pairing in one of your stories?
11/6 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15367020/DefunctStoreKing

www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15367020/DefunctStoreKing
11/6 c58 Guest
Actualiza tu historia de Naruto y mi academia de héroes por favor
11/6 c58 iamshinydragonmist
ahhh no final battle against death itself oh well good story
11/6 c58 Mark Sinfield
shame it nearly over
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