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for Back? Not Really

1/23 c60 Guest
amazing story cant wait to read the next one!
1/24 c59 HoneyBear84
Love it
1/20 c59 Beyondtheforest
Excellent story.
I was a little hesitant to read it at first as my favourite character was killed off early on but I’m so glad I did!
1/18 c59 suziq968
This was a great read. I still think the unforgivables were too casually used. With all the other options and the requirements of negative emotions, wanting to cause pain and suffering I think intelligent magicals would find a better way, but I really enjoyed the plot line. Thanks for sharing.
1/17 c6 Guest
I am enjoying this. Thank you
1/17 c5 Guest
I could see Harry hanging out with Percy a good bit. Percy could benefit from studying with Harry, if Percy's pride would allow it.
1/17 c3 Guest
Interesting choice. Not Hermione, but Someone in bathroom with troll.
1/17 c1 Guest
I interesting start! Good work .
1/16 c20 suziq968
Are you, at some point, going to explain how casual they are with unforgivables here? Harry did use or attempt to use them in canon, but only under extreme duress or desperation. You've got them throwing unforgiveables like confetti here. It's kinda disconcerting.
1/16 c59 DeathCrawler
great story took a while to finally finish and look forward reading the sequel
1/13 c8 sylarkj
Harry's attitude is quite understanding of not wanting to get involved in those matters, obviously none of that will work since if Voldemord manages to conquer Great Britain, he will also want to do it with the world.
1/13 c59 erozoth
wow, that was a shitty ending. Seriously? This is literally a half done novel, and you have an extra and expect us to read it hoping its not the same?
The entire story was hype about his abilities, about fixing things and making it better... technically no one he knows died, but the inferi part just leaves a bad taste, you basically made Harry Potter into a blood purist, what would his mother think? "Everyone I love survived, great. The hundreds of millions of muggles? eh, they are not real people".
Anyway, lots of hypes and in the end he lost, was too weak and stupid, had to resort to plot armor bs to win.
Let down.
1/13 c2 erozoth
Well, this went down bad really fast. Who reincarnated here? First year, two month in, and throwing spells like they are 5th year, the seems to know a lot of spells so early.
1/13 c10 tricorvus
I absolutely adore this story
Rock on
1/10 c41 5Andril
Where did the deleted parts of the story go?
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