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11/6 c58 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
I knew Harry wouldn't kill Neville, he's to good. Also, now that he's being mothered by Bellatrix, when she's done panicking he's going to get such a bollocking. Then when Fleur finds out, oh boy.
11/6 c58 7hanatos
Gamer harry sounds awesome
11/6 c58 1kano547
I'm kind of sad to see this come to an end since I really like this story. It kind of felt like the ending and Riddle's death happened kind of fast but then again this story wasn't ever really about him. Can't wait to read both of your ideas for your next story but I'll admit I'd rather see the Odyssey one first.
11/6 c58 2bored peasant
Why on earth would she ever accept him missing an arm without going to the hospital to see it regrown? She is smarter than that. Hey Harry is smarter than that. This part made no sense to me.
11/6 c58 1TheGreatBubbaJ
I'm not aware of anything about AC Odyssey but I would like to see a continuation of this. Maybe not a direct continuation, but one where he has satisfied all but one lifetime of debt, and so Death is setting obstacles to try to keep hold of him. Or maybe that would be the sequel of the sequel.
11/6 c58 harry uzumaki
My vote is for Gamer Type Harry!
11/6 c58 caablacklight
You write an amazing story my good sir, and you have succeeded so far, how about an SI story in highschool dxd, an alternative universe or even one piece or Naruto

but an SI instead of an established character, either way I support the back to the past hp/ac story if your not going to do an SI
11/6 c58 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
11/6 c58 sunsethill
I had forgotten about Harry's deal with Death. It's always good to see Harry being Harry. I would love to see a glimpse of Neville having an awesome life. Just a question, though. I sure thought Harry gave up his LEFT arm, not his right.
11/6 c58 Kagega
Hmmm, enjoy your work, but can’t say either story really tickles my fancy, I’ll read it anyway!
11/6 c58 Guest
Harry goes to atla universe
11/6 c58 Guest
Of the two options presented, I have to lean towards the second.
Although there is an abundance of gamer fanfictions, I simply have no real interest in assassins creed.
11/6 c58 hadrian le fay
HP/AC Odyssey crossover
11/6 c58 1phoenixstave
My votes for the AC Odyssey crossover, if only because there are nowhere near enough of them. Though remember in the lore the gods aren't wizards or spirits they're a precursor race called the Isu, and magic would be taught like all professions via master-apprentice or the priesthood.
11/6 c58 fatandsquat
And we are at the end of the story. For me this is an excellent read, would be better with less dialogue with Death though.
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