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for Back? Not Really

1/10 c49 Wyrd42
And here I'd been thinking that this Gaunt might NOT be Voldemort, that Death had sent Harry AND Fleur to a third timeline, so Harry could get the ring back for Death.
1/9 c60 Guest
Yea, that sounds like something I absolutely will not read. I can’t stand crossovers. Looking forward to your next story, though
1/9 c60 Gilgamesh50
Great fic i recommend it to everyone
Great author too
1/9 c40 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter i would review more but its like yt shorts i keep reading further
1/8 c35 Lorde Pedro
Have you ever thought about posting your stories on AO3? There, the 18 scenes are much more open according to the guidelines. It's a bit boring to read a novel without sex scenes. Please consider posting on AO3 and if you decide to do so, please let us know.
1/8 c7 13Steve2
Fun read. I can't wait to read more.
1/8 c60 Inumiru
This update really relates to the name of the story. Is it back? Not really...
1/8 c5 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
1/8 c18 Guest
And this nicely lets Harry completely disrupt Tom's own claim in the future Fleur came from. Which already would likely not be as widely supported, due to the changes Fleur already made; the big money backers being taken down already.
1/8 c17 Guest
Hmmm... I wonder what caused the change for Voldemort to suddenly change tactics; for the Death Eaters to be imprisoned, implies that at least SOME of the canon timeline went the same.

At a guess, it's the 'resurrection' part he hid better, and went political instead of resurrecting Death Eaters... Probably without an equivalent of 'Escaped Prisoner Sirius Black' to blame his actions on, he went with a different tactic. Possibly a lack of Horcruxes, or a different way they work here.
1/8 c30 4The-Jester-of-Two
I swear is this a Fleur x Harry story or a Harry x Bellatrix…. You have so many Bellatrix Harry moments I’m half expecting them to kiss… not that I’m opposed I kinda want a version of this where they do end up together
1/8 c2 Lkenneally
Where is the potter invisibility cloak
1/8 c1 Lkenneally
How does he end up at an orphanage in this. Makes no sense unless sirius and all his parents friends r dead as well. In canon dumblefuck puts him with the dursleys for his “protection” so no one csn try and get custody of him but if he isnt the boy who lived then u would think at least sirius would be there for him and easily get custody.
1/8 c60 1Crusada de Lata
Emisarry is very cool and I think you should read it
1/8 c60 ddsurvivor
Thanks for the heads up. I'll take a look.
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