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for Back? Not Really

11/5 c58 Spider of Dreams
Wait a minute... What about harry and fleur? what about the whole shxt with Death? I mean to end it this soon? Please tell me you tie up all the loose ends an don't make it into some ambiguous bs ending.
11/4 c57 Hank1967
That was wild! Rather enjoyed it! Thanks for the explanations at the end. That helped with understanding everything going on in the story. Love all of the details! Rather squeamish about Harry losing an arm, but I suppose he can either grow it back or use the silver conjured version... Glad to se e that Harry was able to thwart Voldemort one more time. Update soon please! Can't wait to see what's next!
10/31 c3 BillBrink
Your beginning reminds me of Monty Python's famous, "Now for something completely different". It's refreshing.
10/31 c31 Millenarie de la mort
in Brazil one of the religions of African origin that we care about is Umbanda, and Shango and Ogun are one of several of our orixás, I am particularly Shango's daughter and I feel so grateful and happy that you have put other types of deities in your story . It may seem simple, but for me, it's fantastic and representative.
10/30 c57 ironhair
Thank you for the update.
Wonder how harry will end this.
10/30 c57 Xemenon
Nice chapter. Btw, how did you stumble upon the Nigerian mythology?
It was a great integration. I learned something new.
10/30 c57 gginsc
I hope he doesn't actually kill (permanently) Neville. Maybe he can just stop the boy's heart for a while.
10/29 c57 nessiesson
wauw, the big scary witch trials killed 5 whole magical people!
10/28 c57 fortinpatric
Merci pour le chapitre
10/28 c57 Guest
Great chapter! Keep it up!
10/28 c57 3Markus-Antonius
Great work!
10/27 c57 fallendemon248
I can’t remember if I missed something or not but he’s not actually gonna kill Neville right? Everyone’s probably gonna shit themselves after that, one wizard stopped them all and killed a dark lord and nobody could stop him, probably about to become the most wanted man in the world
10/27 c57 Drozeros
this is so damn exciting
10/27 c57 Premedicated
Is Voldemort actually dead, Neville aside?
10/27 c57 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot. I am sorry if I am being rude or annoying you with my reviews; I don’t mean to be rude or annoy you with my review; I just really liked your story a lot.
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