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10/27 c57 Petrox
Bella.. Bella... Didn't your future daughter in law killed little Malfoy...your nephew and you were chill about it?
10/27 c57 AJGuardian
Here we go bois. The end game.
10/27 c33 GetSmart714
Did another re-read. I completely forgot about the scene where Neville was in pain at Sluggy's party. I guess he kept Neville being a horcrux to himself and didn't tell Bella. Good read!
10/27 c57 5BarbedCaress
Had to go back and re-read chapter 1 to remind myself how he got here.
I LOVE the Russian Minister's response. :) 'Shackles? What shackles?'
As for Neville, sucks to be him.
Harry committed suicide by stepping through the veil.
The fact he could be thrown through the veil for killing Neville is not much of a deterrent.
10/27 c57 marlastiano
thanks :)
10/27 c57 GetSmart714
I think Harry was not sure 100% that Neville was a horcrux. However, after finding out about the diary being the only one and the wrath that came out of the Egyptian body after Harry killed him, it would be safe to assume that Harry knew he had to do the inevitable. I love this story because it invokes such a different use of magic and lore, as well as unique plot twists. Instead of "just" an army of inferi, Voldemort is decimating the muggles and now the magical community has to come together and see how they'll react to it.

In addition, having Amelia Bones being lovers with Tom is utilizing another aspect of Tom Riddle that few even dare thought of using. I love how refreshing this fanfic is and the various plot points! I hope you're doing well and that this story keeps going with the recent rapid uploads! :)
10/27 c57 Idrinktomuch10
Belatrix worrying about Harry killing Neville seems out of character. Billions of lives are at stake, as Voldemort is literally unleashing the apocalypse on the world. One useless boy seems like a small sacrifice, hell if you told Neville he may be willing to commit suicide for this cause
10/27 c57 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Wonder if Harry knows a way to separate the two souls, so Neville would be safe. Harry is decisive and blunt at times, but not cruel. I think he'd have thought of that at least, and killing Neville would be a last resort.
10/27 c57 scyfly
so by creating a phylactery he could use the curse of the damned without paying the price? otherwise after his first time he wouldve only been his diary and neville but the main piece wouldve died
10/27 c57 97531
Considering Harry succeeded in killing Voldy in front of ICW, I don't think he'll stop at anything to get rid of him for good.
10/27 c57 3grovepjp
10/27 c57 niningtantalus
this story really hard to guess where it go.. harry will jump to be a villain huh... i truly dont know how to feel about that
10/27 c57 ymrgf
Damn. This Harry is one of baddass Harry on this sites. Interesting how will he play quiditch with one arm.
10/27 c57 2Krellash
At no point has the author mentioned that Harry hadn't killed Neville already. Although if he didn't, it would be hypocritical of Bellatrix to stop Harry from killing the fatass Longbottom so that Harry won't 'taint his hands with the blood o innocents. We literally have to choose between 1 life vs billions, and some of you might ask, who is Harry to decide the value of a life? Well, I don't see anyone commenting o the fact that he killed Voldemort and many others. Still, as soon as Neville is mentioned, Harry will become evil because Neville is an 'innocent' bystander, huh?
10/26 c57 Ggghhh
I've really enjoyed all of your stories so far. I hope you'll continue Kitsune as well (my favourite one yet no rush I don't want you to feel like you have to complete the chapter soon and rush something that may ultimately kill your enjoyment for writing the story in the first place).

This chapter was another great installment thank you for writing it and keep up the great work :)
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