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6/20 c38 Tania K
Please finish this story …
6/20 c38 Guest
6/18 c38 Guest
please finish this story
6/17 c38 Guest
a super happy ending please
6/17 c38 Guest
mayby 2 more chapters for this story happy chapters
6/16 c38 Brucas
yes please let them be happy again
6/15 c37 Brucas
I am glad this story is back
6/15 c36 Guest
update please
6/13 c35 Guest
That’s so awesome that they’re working together to move forward. Especially that Brooke booked them a therapy appointment, that’s really good steps in the right direction
6/13 c35 Linstead
my belief come back
6/13 c35 Brucas
Lucas writing a book about Brooke?
6/13 c34 Linstead
Comon Lucas fight for your family
6/12 c34 Brucas
Great update
6/12 c33 Guest
Yay! Brucas officially giving it a go. I love that. And they should most definitely take it slow. Even though they’re married, Lucas has a lot of proving to do. They get there though
6/12 c33 Linstead
ok i give it a start again but if somthing bad happend again i am gone
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