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for The Triumph of Lothario

12/23/2022 c7 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
9/24/2022 c7 AssassinDark969
Holy Shit. The fanfiction more cool
7/24/2022 c7 1xBud
Man, I love this story. This story is what got me into worm in the first place.
6/29/2022 c1 Energizing Entry
No matter how many times I read this it's fucking hilarious
3/25/2022 c6 thebetawholived
What's next!? Lothario seducing Simurgh?
2/10/2022 c2 Guest
This is why taylor is scary sister
1/30/2022 c7 Ted Hsu
So it looks like around the time Max Anders was with his first wife, one night she slipped out to be with Annette and Lothario. And from that, came Theo (whom she told Max was his son).

Though through this, Aster Anders became the Brockton Bay's Most Adored Baby Girl as she got embraced by her "adopted big sisters" warmly and wholeheartedly.

You wonder how warmly Danny would take having a long-lost son, and how well Kayden would be "part of the family" now as Theo's guardian, now that Kaiser was "Birdcaged" along with Skidmark. With Tattletale and Glory Girl helping loot the black-money accounts of both the Empire and the Merchants. No sense in letting untraceable cash get back to bad folks.

Not when you can use it to support a growing foster family :P
1/30/2022 c7 Ted Hsu
I just realized one special gift Contessa could give with the "sex god potion" is a special sense that could tell a female's age when Lothario sees them. This would allow him to avoid minors, even emancipated ones.

The extra senses could warn him of a hostile predatory female, intent on harm, so he could defend himself. Especially if she planned to accuse him of sexual assault/rape later.

Also, his daughters would need to make sure Danny didn't let the gift from Contessa make Lothario the Superpowered Evil Side of Danny Hebert that might scare them, feeling Daddy got too big for his britches.

For someone to be like Shazam, Superman and Thor with the character of Captain America would go to anyone's ego.
1/23/2022 c7 Ted Hsu
What started out as a joke became a reality as Contessa and Cauldron made Lothario into the equivalent of Thor and Captain America with the augmented endurance of the Incredible Hulk and the ever-loving Ben Grimm.

And then when he became a Super-Studman, Lothario gained the powers to make those he bedded with child, as well as heal Alexandria, giving her "first orgasm" and purging all her negativity. She then embraced Danny and became "Mrs. Hebert #2".

It was good Glory Girl got to work out how to manipulate the spoils of battles with Empire 88 and the Merchants, as well as work with Lung on getting some of their action under the table-because Alexandria would need it for all the kids she had with Lothario. And who knows how many paternity suits were faced when Danny went off the face of Brockton Bay with no memory but a raging libido.

But, oh, you wonder how this version of Brockton Bay would do when dealing with all that happened in later chapters of "Worm" :P
1/23/2022 c6 Ted Hsu
The Empire fell hard, the Merchants were put out of Business, and both got Bankrupt worse than being on Wheel of Fortune.

(slide whistle follows as Kaiser and Skidmark are put in separate transports).

Now you wonder how quickly Purity warms up to her fellow single parent as Aster gets embraced by everyone.

Or how quickly the Empire and the Merchants got their assets folded into the Organization headed by Glory Girl.

Rune realized she was made by someone wanting to get close to Lothario, and now her "sisters" want to get her straightened out before she gets embraced by them. Meaning to ditch that Nazi portion of her or it "won't be pretty."
1/23/2022 c5 Ted Hsu
The big plan: Take down Empire 88.

And you win over Purity and keep her from the grip of her ex-husband, Kaiser.

You also reunite New Wave and show what Lothario is capable of with a devious mind and Danny Hebert's contacts with the Dockworkers in the next chapter.

Oh, this is gonna be good...
1/23/2022 c4 Ted Hsu
Kayden finds out Danny Hebert is a lot more decent than others would make Lothario to be. And playing the scared mother concerned about her baby daughter's welfare proved the right way to go to get Danny to appeal to Lothario's better side (the side that had Taylor move to be Sperata after a better Lothario's daughter).

Now we find Lothario's about to get some lines drawn.
1/23/2022 c3 Ted Hsu
Lothario 1, PRT 0.

The Paperwork had no chance against a man who knew how to deal with loads of it.

Piggot found she had nothing on Lothario, just a man trying to get in touch with his daughters instead of creepy stuff.

And the Undersiders are getting reorganized into the fold by Glory Girl, all to make Brockton Bay better.

The Bay won't know what hit it.
1/23/2022 c2 Ted Hsu
Today a picnic, tomorrow a hostile takeover.

Coil got taken down hard, and Tattletale told all. Scary Sister brought the fear in as many bugs as she could drop on him. Then they got his stuff in the "looting." You wonder how they were able to get a lair and just how much they got in "operational capital" from Coil's accounts. Because that goes a way in Glory Girl doing reorganizing on behalf of Lothario.
11/24/2021 c7 13TheVampireStrahd
Thanks for writing this. I died laughing from beginning to the end.
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