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7/29 c1 Moochie
Come on man. I want know when your next update for this story. It's too good and I just want the next chapter.
Pretty please?
It is rare to see this Crossover and I don't want this to be a one-shot. But it's alright if you encounter a writer block, just don't forget about this man,
Hope to see more.
7/24 c1 gygaxianweeaboo
Really love this intro chapter! I was a huge fan of Power Rangers growing up, watching everything up until, I think, Dino Thunder? I sorta fell off the wagon once I got to college, and tbh, once I started watching Super Sentai, I realized how vastly superior it was to its American counterpart, so I never really bothered with Power Rangers again. That is, up until the Boom comics brought me back! I just love how much depth and character the comics bring to such a classic yet admittedly childish and hammy series! It's also fortuitous I found this story, cuz I had just finished watching Unworthy before reading.

Regarding the story, I'm sort of baffled why Lisa didn't choose Lincoln as one of the Power Rangers, considering he's the most selfless Loud sibling, the one most familiar with superheroes and all the responsibilities they entail, the most responsible (tied with Lori), and the 2nd smartest after Lisa. It feels a lot like Lincoln is specifically being singled out, since not only are his sisters (mostly) all chosen, but most of his friends, too. I get the idea for the story is for Lincoln to be his own unique Power Ranger, but so far, you haven't explained why Lisa chose the people she did, or why she didn't pick Lincoln, and it kinda hurts my suspension of disbelief that she'd pick everyone around Lincoln EXCEPT Lincoln to be Power Rangers.

Speaking of which, I am suuuper excited to see the Arbiter make an appearance, and by extension, Lincoln becoming his successor! I can already tell those early feelings of jealousy, betrayal at his siblings' and friends' lack of trust in him, and considering his sisters Unworthy (see what I did there?) of being Power Rangers is gonna play a big role in shaping him into the next Arbiter. There'll probably be a lot of pent-up frustration, too; even though Lincoln knows why his sisters and friends keep bailing on him, he'd probably still get upset when they do so repeatedly. He's still just a 12 year old boy, after all, so he's bound to feel a lot of negativity despite knowing that his sisters and friends are treating him poorly to protect him and their secret identities. I can already picture Lincoln as the Arbiter trying to reach out to the Rangers, only to be rebuffed by a stubborn and aggressive Lynn and be regarded suspiciously by the others, and this causes Lincoln to get fed up with his sisters and friends and judge them as Unworthy. Haha!

Though to be honest, I kinda would've preferred if Lincoln inherited Lord Drakkon's morpher instead, since the white color suits him more, and the whole evil aspect would feed into Lincoln's hidden negative feelings towards his sisters and friends, and culminate in a sort of redemption arc for Lincoln, Drakkon, and his morpher. But hey, I can't really complain with the current set-up!

I'm very eager to see where this story goes from here. The next chapter can't come soon enough!
7/19 c1 Guest
This is interesting hope there's more
6/26 c1 Rando
I'm surprise that you haven't put another chapter by now. But I'll wait patiently for when it happens.
6/5 c1 johannvanguard
I like that Lincoln is a big fan of the 12 Power Rangers, who did great against the Putties and Boom Master sent by Empress Scorpina. Those 12 Power Rangers and their powers are pretty cool. I wasn't expecting for them some of them to be Lincoln's sisters, his friends, and his sisters' friends. Things got worse when Lincoln discovered their identities, but he didn't get caught by them. Empress Scorpina having Rito and Finster as her servants and allying with Scorzzle in order to defeat the rangers were interesting. Lisa being the brain of the Power Rangers team was unexpected, but makes sense. While she gave them a bit of a hard time because of what happened, she was right that the life of a ranger is tough, but worth it to protect everyone. It looks like Lincoln will secretly be helping the rangers to keep their secret safe, even if he has mixed feelings about it. One of the legendary Power Rangers from the past showing up injured was surprising. For the next chapter, I wonder if Lincoln and Clyde will meet that legendary ranger.
6/5 c1 Guest
Thank you for this story.
This was a really good read.

I hope a chapter goes in-depth on why Lisa chose who she did.
Lisa said that she chose who she chose because she believed they could handle the power and responsibility of being rangers.
That makes me wonder, what was her criteria for selecting them?
If it was about things like physical ability, and mentality why would she choose Clyde and Lucy over Lincoln? Not only is Lucy younger but her mentality is usually on the dark and negative side. Clyde is asthmatic, has high anxiety, and many various fears. Lincoln was shown to be fast on his feet, a quick thinker, resourceful and strategic. He has his faults too but in dire situations he overcomes them. How he avoided capture, found out some of their abilities, and also avoided revealing who he is makes Lincoln the obvious choice. But he wasn’t and whatever Lisa says to justify why she didn’t choose him will fall on deaf ears.
If Lisa did choose him but the older sisters were against the idea that would make no sense because they let Lucy, his younger sister, fight. If the older sisters try to justify that by saying they watch her back when she fights he could argue they could’ve done the same for him. But the way they reacted to hearing Lincoln was at the mall around time the monster attacked tells me how all of them, his friends included, think of him and what he is capable of. I think they don’t even realize how they think of him or if they do they bury how they feel with their want to protect him.

I feel bad for Lincolns’ current situation. Not only does he learn that his sisters and friends are power rangers but he finds out that they have been lying to him, by not telling him who they are, for a good while. To protect their loved ones from the enemy is why they stay quiet, but who they tell will be in the same position regardless. It’s not like after telling them they’re rangers that they’ll be around them in ranger form all the time if at all. In fact them knowing could be beneficial. Those benefits have their down sides too but the burden would lessen for the rangers and could better protect their loved ones. And out of everyone they know Lincoln would be the best person to keep this secret. Not only does he love the power rangers he is loyal to his friends and family. He is the man with the plan so he could come up with strategies and excuses for them about why they are acting the way they are. But seeing as they intend to keep him in the dark for now I hope his desire to protect them out weighs his jealousy and anger toward them. I hope when he gets his power he keeps it quiet from them until he can trust them again.

I can kind of see Lincoln going down two different paths. After he gets his power he still can’t fight because he is in-training but he witnesses more of them fight and his jealousy for what they can do will grow. If Lincoln talks to them and they understand he knows their secret without him telling them he knows and they tell him the truth, his trust in them will come back and he will fight along side them not telling them who he is until after the battle is over. But if they continue to lie to him for whatever reason they choose to justifying it, his anger will over come his trust and he will fight against them without revealing who he is. If he fights against them and loses he will retreat to fight them another day. But if he wins he’ll tell them why he fought them. They will be confused because they will have no immediate recollection or understanding of what he is talking about. When he reveals who he is they will be shocked, confused, and angry. Then they’ll ask the million dollar question “Why?” He will confess to knowing who they were before now, how he found out, and repeat why he fought them. They will then remember their times talking to Lincoln, after that day at the mall and park, and they will finally hear all the little hints that he dropped about knowing who they were and that they could trust him with their secret but they didn’t understand then. They try justifying the lies under the guise of protecting him but he will retort saying (again) he knew who they were before now and their identities are still not known by anyone so who was really protecting who. They reflect on his words and realize that Lincoln was right. That despite knowing for so long he kept quiet about who they were and waited for them to tell him themselves. When the lies continued his patients thinned and anger boiled over and he became what he is. The guilt visible on their faces knowing that this was avoidable has them all, including Lisa, questioning what they have done and what they can do.

Those are some of my thoughts and ideas I had after reading this story. If any of this happens cool if not no problem.
Hope this story gets a quick update.
I’m looking forward to how this story progresses.
6/3 c1 Loudpower
I really enjoyed this story and I hope that once Lincoln does obtain his power he will keep it a secret to them since they deserve it. I mean Lincoln got backstabbed 12 times by 12 of his closes friends and family that he knew very well. Doesn’t matter how Lisa will justify her action saying that he was unfit and probably didn’t hold the characteristics of being a power ranger. I do hope he knows how to fight really when the time comes and if not miss interpreted him powerful fighter. Though that does raise the question if they will end up fighting Lincoln just to know his secrets on where he got his powers, of under the guise that they don’t know that it’s him.
Still I am loving this and I do hope this happens throughout the rest of the story of them trying and failing to figure who he is using whatever means only to reveal himself when time is right.

But meh a guy could dream if this doesn’t happen. Good luck!
5/31 c1 Rando
Holy shit. Now that was a good Crossover of power rangers & loud house fanfic. Well done Now, I want more of this man. I hope that you'll make the rangers fight against Lincoln, something similar to how Tommy did before. If not, that's perfectly okay with me as well. Or better yet have Lincoln act in a similar manner as Ziggy did in RPM as he wasn't built to fight and can screwed up a bit. It'll give Lincoln an idea of what it means to be a ranger and you could possibly have it where he could be kidnapped by Rita's goons before he could tell the others the truth. Have the evil ranger arc and take it where most power rangers fanfic hardly gives a pov of what the public thinks of an evil ranger. I've wish for any write to at least have the public thinks of an evil ranger and wonder if they should be wary of more.
But it's all a brainstorm and just tossing it out there. Good luck.
5/31 c1 21The Siege Perilous
You had me at Power Rangers. :)

The story's off to a great start, it'll be interesting to see how Lincoln deals with knowing about the rangers without them know that he knows that they don't know what he knows.
5/30 c1 2Mr. Haziq
I'd be jealous too if I found out power like that is out there and so close.

Is this mysterious ranger an OC?
5/29 c1 5Lincoln loud420
This is very good so far. Please make more chapters soon bec we don't get that many power ranger loud house fanfics.

i love power rangers as a kid and if you need help just pm me
5/28 c1 3coldblue2015
Congratulations for making this story!

You said you make this story and now you did.

Lincoln Loud:

...He does have mixed feelings about some of his sisters and friends being Power Ranger. It also makes sense to be a bit scared and run away, sort of to process these current events. Lincoln cannot go to his parents, the authorities or his sisters...When he tricked his sisters/family into thinking he was Bad Luck, ended badly...He would not know what they would do to keep a major secret such as being Power Rangers. Now Lincoln, he is thankful for the Power Rangers and is going to take some adjustment with his knew knowledge. He was fan boy, but not he been disenchanted with the knowledge of who they are. Even if Lincoln suspects Lisa involvement given the technology they have...I have to admit, I was surprised and loved what you did with Lincoln escaping some of his sisters and friends...He could not outrun them, so he had to out think them. Something which will be foreshadow the future.

The Power Rangers:

They got powers/abilities similar to their Animal Totems they represent, but they are weaker in their De-Powered form...They are still new to this and need more training. They do not have Zords yet and when Zords come into play...Well, Zords are basically used in Kaijuu battles and will change the Landscape of the area around them. Lynn is the leader, but she is struggling with that role. Other's thought they should be the leader and other supported that, but they were biased opinion. Lisa is the coordinator of the group and inventor, with Alpha 8 as her assistant/helper.

The Villains/Antagonist's:

They are on the Moon Base. Past villains of the Power Rangers were mention. Most of which seem to be Aliens or come from different Dimensions or are Machines. The main antagonist is Scorpina, who has the final say on what happens. They get a new recruit with a evil AI or Robot called Scozzle and his army of Robotic Soldiers to attack the Power Rangers with overwhelming numbers and unknown threat. It is going to be interesting to read what challenges come ahead.

The unknown Power Ranger:

It seems we have the unknown Ranger, whom is dying or running out time. I am not going pretend I know everything about Power Rangers...All I know, is that Lincoln Loud will have a unexpected meeting with this unknown Power Ranger. We do not know if this Power Ranger focus on Technology, Magic, Martial Arts or Animal Spirit; but we will know eventually that he will meet Lincoln at some point in this story.


1) Will Scorpina get to transform into her Ultimate Form and not just Monster Form?

2) Should we expect Lincoln to take a interest in Martial Arts or find a Mentor to train him, given the Power Rangers and Monster attacks happen way to frequently?

3) Are we going expect Lynn, some Loud Sisters and Lincoln friends deal with the stress/pressure of being Power Ranger and possible lash out from time to time?


1) That would be great. I think the Ultimate Form is in the Comics, but that would be great to add to the story. I kind of think the Main Bad Guys turning into Monsters were great, but it would be nice to have a DIFFERENT twist. Sort of show WHY Scorpina is the leader, survivalist and strongest in her group.

2)...I figure everyone or anyone would either pick up Survivalist Skills, Martial Arts, Weapons or find a Shelter if they have "Power Ranger" level threats...Lincoln might want to do that to protect his other siblings who are NOT Power Rangers and his other friends as well...I just hope we get Lincoln dabbling into Martial Arts and finding a Mentor sooner, then later.

3) The way this chapter goes, living a double-life is hard. I expect some the Power Rangers to lash out and feel tired, frustrated and pressured with everything happening. Especially Lynn. I could read Lincoln notice that some of his sisters are becoming more closed off and his friends...they do not even hang-out or communicate with him anymore. Sort of developing isolation and friends becoming distant be a theme of this story.

Keep up the good work, stay healthy, and I cannot wait to read "The Loud House: Bad Luck Brawler" future update- whenever that will be! :)
5/28 c1 JFiniti Productions
I don't know if these guys would really work as mentors but it would be cool if Bulk and Skull were in this story.
5/28 c1 341049
Hmm where can i see the picture
5/28 c1 10Wolvenstrom
Poor Lincoln.

Time like this it must seem like everybody else but you won the lottery.

I like this and look forward to more.
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