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9/12/2022 c11 Marian Simonetti
BTW your ending was so much better than the
show...Steve flying off and having Doris 2.0
(Catherine) on the plane and Danny so hurt and vulnerable was probably the worst finale of any show ever. IMHO...
9/12/2022 c11 Marian Simonetti
I LOVE your story...I don't like the new
favorite team will always be the Core 4...but I
love how you gave Danny his voice after Steve
left...Lenkov made the finale all about what
Steve lost but Danny lost so much also unfortunately his losses were ignored...Thank you for your amazing story KUDOS
4/20/2022 c11 Maria
Fantastic story.. much better than the crap the show writers did... Excellent..
1/23/2022 c11 cargumentluv
Whew! What a roller coaster of a ride those two have had. I loved this so much. This is the ending the series needed.
11/15/2021 c11 BamaGirl1
Thank you for writing this. It is beautiful.
10/4/2021 c3 Guest
Now THAT’S how it should have ended! Great story!
8/25/2021 c11 TJ
This was so satisfying to read after the awful finale. I've started reading a few other fics but they all seemed to focus on Danny having to do all the work to connect with Steve when I think this is just much more believable. I like that you didn't brush off the fact Steve abandoned Danny when he needed him the most and that it would cause serious trust issues. Great read!
8/7/2021 c11 11Danny7576
Such a nice end to a great story! Really loved the way you rewrote the end of the series and gave a much more satisfying resolution. I'm sad to have this story end but hope to see another from you soon. Thanks again for this piece :)
8/6/2021 c11 20shestarsky
That was a much more satisfying ending than the one we were given. Thanks
8/3/2021 c11 19Cubit2
This was a wonderful ending to a wonderful fic. Danny and Steve have been through so much together over the last 10 years and to finally realize that they need each other to be able to heal and that they want to share the journey of life together is just perfect here. Great writing as always.
7/31/2021 c11 Guest
LOVE the ultimate resolution to this story. It's lovely how you managed to reunite the original team in a way and also kept Steve and Danny close to biological family. A very satisfying conclusion to a fantastic story-hope you write more!
8/1/2021 c11 SteveFan81
Sad this is the last chapter. Would love to read something from you daily.
I can see why Tani and Junior were devastated that Steve and Danny were not returning. They just did not see it coming, or didn’t want to admit it. Lou will do a good job as head of 5-0.
Yes - Danny was very humble - loved the nod to his humility.
I am glad Steve is renting the house to Tani and Jr. - it’s perfect, and they can visit anytime.
Also loved the acknowledgment that the island is better off because of them. Can you imagine making a list of their accomplishments? Let’s see, nuclear bomb, drug trade….
Nice Danny’s tremor and malnutrition is finally improving.
The hammock scene was spot on - banter and all. So sad food intake is still an issue for Danny, and that car PTSD is a definite for him. How could he not have terrible flashbacks?! Love Steve’s support and hug.
So love that Chin was instrumental in helping Steve and Danny figure out the next steps. Chin was always my third favorite character. He was definitely missed when he left.
The house with a beach and the work is really perfect - tactics, profiling, investigations - Steve and Danny have so much to offer. So cute that some of the old Danny is back.
California is really the perfect place for them to move. Can understand how this move feels kind of like a vacation and not a move. When Steve said ‘ you are home to me Buddy,’ I may have had a tear in my eye. The spark of hope Danny was feeling in his chest was so wonderful - that things were actually working out, after all he has been through.
Their new life sounds so wonderful-just what they needed to work on healing. They know each other so well to help each other get through their terrible nightmares and flashbacks.
Presenting a workshop on the Vitality of a partnership! Boy can they sure talk about that.
Danny’s laughter and contentment is the perfect ending. And how that makes Steve’s heart burst with joy. Sentimental goof.
You have tied this story up in a perfect bow. Healing on another beach. Near Chin, Kono and Mary. Eddie is the perfect missing addition. Absolutely loved this story.
8/1/2021 c11 73OrionLady
I can’t believe this is the last chapter/epilogue. Wowsers. I’ve got some chocolate and some lemonade to enjoy this denouement and I can’t wait to see how you’ve woven it all together!

It’s such a small detail but you’re totally right—the younger members *would* have the most trouble with Danny’s retirement, like how little kids see their parents as indestructible. OH MAN. This sentiment, that Steve and Danny are leaving the island better than they found it, just donkey kicked me in the sternum. It’s so true. So so true in ways that are a lot more profound than just reduction of crime. Danny’s hands healing from their tremor yaaaaassss :’). Don’t know why that got me misty eyed so much but it did. [yelling] Danny has so flippity flapping car related trauma! Thank you! For acknowledging that! It astounds me how much he’s been through related to vehicles and seeing Steve get angry and then embrace him anyway about it feels like catharsis.

Chiiiiiin. I didn’t realize how much *I* miss Chin until his voice and laughter comes across the line here. Because ya know what! Steve and Danny really do have life experience that even some of the most hardened veterans don’t. It would be invaluable for recruits and this is a fantastic way for them to use their skills without being around the actual violence of it. “Drag you back kicking and screaming of course” hehehehe yeah I could totally see Steve doing that, were Danny ever to escape back to Jersey. They’re a package deal now. Ahahahaha and I love the little nod at the end of this scene with the other passengers listening to Steve and Danny and not being able to decide whether this is endearing or irritating. I love it.

Their new house. ;_; The thought of them healing together, away from the places where their traumas occurred, has always seemed like the best ending for them and this version of that is amazing. Their classes need a wait list! Why am I surprised, of course they do. Steve and Danny are bosses at what they do. Steve’s here staring and getting emotional about this domestic pancake moment with Danny and I’M EMOTIONAL about this domestic pancake moment. Dang. And that the fic ends with Danny EATING, the clear outward expression of an inward truth…[chef’s kiss]. It’s exactly what they both need.

I loved every bit of this story, cheri, and it’s been a delight to read the boys’ journey. Thank you for sharing it with us!
8/1/2021 c11 11Nuwanda2014
Great story - perfect ending.
I am really happy that you continued the healing and just didn't say the boys are good.
It is so realistic that they still have bad days from time to time and still go to therapy. Thankfully, both men are more experienced now and know how to deal with the other in those situations, even know when to push or to go easy. Let the other one have their space when they need it.
Chin had a great idea and I am glad everything worked out the way it did.
Steve and Danny both need happiness and peace more than anything else.
And Eddie is there now too. Another piece on the road to healing got added.
Also loved that they now have contact with Chin and Kono as well as with the "new team" and Mary and Joanie.
Really LOVED this story.
7/31/2021 c11 2Elise Deschat
Wish you have done the series finale... loved your ending better
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