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for Is It Wrong To Try And Become A Hero In A Dungeon?

9/13/2021 c2 7Wally991
I hope you continue this. You say this is an amateurs work but let me tell you, the amount of bad written stuff you come across in this site...jeez, your story is gold
8/10/2021 c2 pix25
This is a great start, hope you update soon
7/11/2021 c2 Fate Valkyrie
Ayo! Is this getting a continuation or is it dead?
7/6/2021 c2 Kim Adreann Bautista
Good pacing... I want more of this kind of story than the cringe-y lemons with too fast plot progression... Compliments for the work and more to come.
6/16/2021 c2 SFAp
God damn. This story is one hell of a kicker
6/12/2021 c1 Prince Tsukune Pendragon
Pls update its amazing
6/8/2021 c2 1OverLordRevan
Great story so far.
6/2/2021 c2 2Angryhenry
I'm really excited about this new take.
I can't wait to see where this goes!

Awesome work
5/30/2021 c2 Guest
Pretty good so far your a decent writer hope you continue this
5/30/2021 c2 guest
Im guessing one of the girls is Aiz right since she's the default canon girl, curious who else is gonna end up on the harem.
5/31/2021 c2 RabbitHaremLover24
If it's 3 to four girls, I will say Aiz, Ryu, Haruhime, and Riveria. If you decide to add a bit more, some rare girls such as Amid, Aki, Anya, and Chloe. Astrea and Artemis definitely if you put them into the story. That being said, seems like Bell is powerful from the start which is good. As for Familia for him to join, I suggest someone that's not Hestia nor Freya (For obvious reasons). I would suggest either Hephaestus, or Loki Familia. Maybe Artemis and Astrea if you make a chapter where he meets them. Even Hermes Familia would be an interesting change. If you decide to go canon and go with Hestia then that's ok too. Anyhow, very interesting and can't wait to see how powerful Bell truly is in upcoming chapters. Also like that Fate/Stay Night reference with Man's Burst. That being said nice start and looking forward to the next one. :) Stay safe from the virus.
5/31/2021 c1 RabbitHaremLover24
Interesting so far
5/31/2021 c2 SentinalSlice
I’m looking forward to more. I always enjoy stories with Bell that start from the beginning.
5/30/2021 c2 MidnightAmbush
Beautiful chapter, don't worry, I definitely enjoyed it, so have more confidence in yourself, this is an amazing story! I love Bell's personality in this, how he's willing to help people out for little to nothing in return, I bet the favors he did now will help him in the future, excited to see how those will come into play. I'm so glad this will be a harem, based on the description I'm betting Hephaestus will be in it, so I'm glad. My other recommendations are Tsubaki, Freya, Demeter, Rose Fannett, Shakti Varma, Argana Kalif, Bache Kalif, Astraea, and Maria Martel (underrated, caretaker of orphanage, perfect match for Bell). I know you said there will be a limit of 4, but I couldn't narrow it down, so that's what I have, please use any of them if you'd like, that would be wonderful! Maria Martel is severely underrated, as the caretaker of an orphanage, she would love Bell who is so kind.
5/30/2021 c2 Young Kakapo
Good start I’m excited to see more
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