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for Chaos Enriched by the Heart

11/19 c7 Thristan
That is what a Jedi is supposed to be and act, not exactly what the jedi of the Clone Wars were like
10/27 c4 21TheWriter946
Oooh is Sid-AHEM, the Chancellor sensing that he's not the only one who can do lightning tricks too?
10/16 c6 Nightshade
That was awesome, it so hart warming. Can't wait for the next chapter :D
10/15 c6 13foxchick1
There is a reason I prefer Sonic over Mario and this is it.
10/5 c5 Nightshade123
That was awesome, can't wait for the next chapter :D
10/2 c5 dianapinto19041
I Love You history
10/2 c5 foxchick1
I wonder if Ventress will still keep Sonics o$er in mind?
10/2 c5 Juxshoa
I like Sonic's and Ventress' moment. Maybe it will make a difference.
9/13 c4 Juxshoa
I see Sidious' plan failing spectacularly with Sonic here...he doesn't know how badly yet. Puns and jokes in a death match!
8/31 c4 TaitanoRules555
For future chapters will they be longer then this one?
8/31 c3 TaitanoRules555
Will sonic be around anakin more often in the coming chapters?
8/31 c2 TaitanoRules555
I take it you’re gonna turn sonic into a Jedi why? Also I wish you could show sonic interact with the clones more in this chapter and maybe give these clones nicknames but it’s your story sorry for complaining.
8/31 c1 TaitanoRules555
What’s the possibility of other sonic characters showing up?
8/28 c4 Nightshade123
That was awesome, I hope to see more. I can't wait for the next chapter :D
7/13 c3 Pedro tp
I liked this story, even though Sonic is very powerful, having faced robots more powerful than the separatists, and even gods and cosmic entities.

And of having a speed that surpasses light itself when escaping from black holes, as shown in colors and Lost World version Wii.

And that currently, must be superior to emerl powered by the seven emeralds of chaos and the energy of a cluster of stars, since a less powerful version than the current one, can defeat the mighty gizoid.
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